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I liked the dialogue. Hope the emotion is perfectly captured in the final cut. And mainly, I want this film to be properly marketed. After what happened with Tubelight, I don't want fans to be the first ones to turn against due to wrong expectations.

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its music is taken from mohenjo daro motion poster.... listen closely ... both of these. you will find many elements directly taken (inspired) from mohenjodaro motion poster.

even color scheme is same....

PSA i was pleasantly surprised.... it looked good.. sounded good.... but its just a small snippet .... doesn't mean movie will be good or bad....
its a salman khan movie so .... im inclinded more towards it beinng a bad movie.... eventually....

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listen back and forth both of these...bharat motion poster and mohenjodaro motion poster.....
its embarrassing ..... ali abbas zafar has always stolen things from here and there in his movies..... and the trend continues.


Yes I agree. A lot of similarity in the background score.

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Awesome looking forward to this so eagerly

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)
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Expecting a good film, neither a bajrangi bhaijaan nor a tubelight.

by Assistant Director (42.8k points)

Will Aamir poster from TOH be out today?


Haha. Yrf is testing our patience. I hope they release it soon, though heard a rumour that it will be revealed in trailer.

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Wow (fingers) the forum is back . A nice surprise! A big Hello to everyone.


Coming to the teaser really liked it but still keeping the lowest expectations from this one.

by Set Decorator (1.6k points)

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