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Loveratri Title Changed to LOVE YATRI

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I understand the need for a smooth release of the film as it is his brother-in-law's debut. But why bend for an useless bunch when the mighty Khan himself didn't give a flying f*ck when crazy bunch protested during Jai Ho or even Tubelight. They meant nothing, they did nothing too for him.

Earlier it was SLB & Viacom18 now it's the Mr.Bollywood himself. If he can bend, I see the rest of the Bollywood literally crawling for every Hindutva terrorists demand. Great future ahead.


Well we can hope for the best in 2019 or else this will continue

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what other are seeing

what im seeing

by Super-star (198k points)
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@warina hussain......

itni shiddat se tumhein chaaahhnne ki khwahish ki hai ......
k har ullu k pathay nay tumharay hath main apni bansuri pakranay ki saazish ki hai.....

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Won't make a difference to the bo verdict. I don't like this guy who is playing the lead. Married Salman's sister only for the money and fame and to get movies due to the khan influence.

by Mega Star (225k points)


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