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In 2012, Ek Tha Tiger termed Historic Blockbuster. In 2017, Tiger Zinda Hai termed Roaring Blockbuster.

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2012 - Ek Tha Tiger

2017 - Tiger Zinda Hai

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Indeed a roaring Blockbuster Tiger Zinda Hain is.

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I've always found these tags as funny, I mean blockbuster is a blockbuster, I mean there is way of defining like huge, humongous and yes, historic blockbuster is correct way, but rest are kind of funny, although attaching various prefix are no doubt funny & sometimes creative.

What's next?? Bone shattering blockbuster, Earthshaking blockbuster, milk way galaxy blockbuster, mind numbing blockbuster, lallantop blockbuster, kamariya Lollipop blockbuster

by All Time best! (268k points)

They might. We are used to in south.

In this case there's nothing funny. Ek Tha Tiger for the historic blockbuster tag by YRF after the historic opening it got. Tiger Zinda Hai has got roaring Blockbuster tag coz of the business as well as reference to Tiger. You know, tiger & roaring right.

And both these tags are from YRF.


Fan-All Time Blockbuster
Raees-Another 50 Year Run Marathi Theatre
JHMS-All Time Blockbuster


Teaser Craze Never Ever Seen Like JHMS
Next All Time Blockbuster


Look, if you can't understand then don't blabber any nonsense that comes to your mind.


And it is not uncommon for YRF..

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Very well deserved.

by Production Accountant (27.5k points)


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