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I have shown to my friends.. They have liked it a lot.. What is the buzz in your circle.. Has the announcement done yje the job.. Has it given the needed hype
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Way too early. In my circle, nobody has spoken/discussed about it including me.

Infact at the office, I am the only one who talks about Hindi films. None of them watch especially the Tamil Nadu guys & Kerala guys. Infact it was me who forced one guy to watch Dangal (only after Sultan :P) a month ago. And no dekhte hai, they're pleased with Judwaa 2 do you know why nobody talks about Zero or Hindi films in general.

Kannada biggie Tagaru is the one I hear ppl discuss.

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Well my friends & family liked it, which is a relief lol :D :D

One thing I noticed is that they found vfx as good and which is the thing I wanted to see, as many in this forum who clap on a macho man surfing on cartoon Bulls were questioning Zero as substandard vfx, general audience is different, they just saw an actor playing a dwarf, they don't go into technicalities, for them this is good effects, SRK was looking like a dwarf and that's good enough for them.

So it's a good thing that general audience isn't as expert in vfx & technology as almost every forum member has become after 1st Jan 2018 :P :P

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BTW look at the answer and your comment, I don't know how Zero teaser is related to Cricket..?? You've already repeated same stuff in chat room.


Not laughing. Steyn is arguably the greatest bowler of our times. Sad to see him struggling. I wish he signs off from tests instyle.....and goes past pollock

Tb dont lie. You do wish kohli to get injured so that your favourite ipl buddies rohit and msd can lead India again.


Oh please, last thing I want is wishing someone gets injured, I'm not like Indian cricket fans


Ya right. You are as it is more south african more than Indian.

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Some of the people weren't interested even in watching it given Srk track record this decade while those who somehow watched it are saying that Srk should stop playing such roles & play mature charachters. A guy in my town has liked it but he is himself a dwarf.

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To early. But yes if movie is entertaining then its first hit of srk after 4 years. But if its not entertaining then biggest flop of srk because budget is too high. So most risky project.

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I haven't shown it to anyone as I don't see the point. Jab interest paida hona hoga to khud hi ho jaega.

I did talk about it with my two best friends, both big SRK fans whose interest has been declining in the past year or so. They liked it, found it intriguing, though like me their confidence in him is very low.

As far as other stuff goes, I have seen mostly positive reception from social media.

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Way too early. My family loved it. They definitely want to see it. From parents to siblings all gave a positive response. My friends totally hated it and found it stupid. So as of now extreme reactions.

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Well the problem is it is not was a first for Indian movies as a totally vfx powered movie and its teaser worked big! Although the movie was bad the promotions were never seen before. But there was something to back it up in the movie. The dwarf thing is also a first but its not as big as was.

Kuch bhi ho yeh toh ek aadmi ki kahani hogi and thats why I think they should have waited a bit before releasing that teaser. And as far as your auestion goes, no one in my circle knows theres a movie called zero. I had to send some of em the youtube link

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My friends liked it........Other than that I don't remember anyone discussing about Zero.

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