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After the very short teaser and name announced of srk movie predict box office result.

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in Box Office Related by Assistant Director (52.2k points)

I think this movie is srk first hit after 4 years.

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As of now 130cr nothing more I can say.

by Camera Operator (8.4k points)
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If movie is fun filled like its teaser than atleast expecting it to join 300cr club...

by Production Accountant (29.0k points)

loser thay loser hain loser raheinge......!! aise katt rahi hai zindagi.....

unless tera question mjhse nahe tha in which case.... i said that to my conscious


Aisa mat bol be....u hv honesty consistency even in Hating/ridiculing sum1....not many possess such quality....

The cheerful loser is the winner!!!


i do have that...damnnnn..... thanks mahn


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As of now 180 cr because one thing in which Srk have mastery over others is the mastery in over promotion so the innitial will be strong as with solo Christmas period (I think simbaa is only announce to protect Srk to avoid any clash from big movie as 28th Dec is not really a good release date as in January business remain dull so unless someone others announce clash with zero (total Dhamaal may announce) it will release as solo.

by Star (156k points)
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opening day - 15cr
opening weekend - 48cr
opening week - 70cr
lifetime - 90cr

and all this is with GOOD WOM

by Super-star (198k points) 1 flag
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Nothing can be said after the teaser, its just a scene and that too probably from a promotional song... only trailer can give the vibes..

by Super-star (169k points)
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90cr. It will be a miracle if this does 100cr too. I hate RS movies but Simbaa will run all over it.

by Mega Star (226k points)
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Aamir got lucky with Raja Hindustani and now Shahrukh Khan will also get luck due to Jab Jab Phool Khile factor.
Lifetime-150+ ....230 and if no Simbba release the next week, will do wonders.

by Producer (113k points)
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the teaser has reinforced my feelings about this movie. I think it's gonna be a big flop.

Lifetime will be just over 100cr.

I hope it doesn't.

by Editor (82.0k points)

Your fellow srkians will bash you for saying this





Hola got a point in whatever he is saying. But you furnace is an a-hole.

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Huge expectations after the teaser. I expect it to be SRK Highest Grosser.

by Production Accountant (27.5k points)
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The only thing positive for this film is ALR, only he can pull off this film to a entertaining level & ensure a solid success. HIT ho hi jayegi with hype & xmas holidays or semi-hit at worst, baaki dekho full trailer & more posters can give much bigger idea.

by Camera Operator (9.1k points)
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Expecting it to cross 350cr..... Anand is no small director and Shahrukh coming in a content driven film. Having said that, Teaser I didn't like. It looks bad....
If it falters, all the blame will go to Anand and sambaa.....
From Thugs team.......

by Producer (107k points)


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