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Name And Rate Movie You Watched (24th Dec - 30th Dec). Also Choose Movie Of The Week. Week 201. Happy New Year!!!

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Tiger Zinda Hai: 3/10 Had better Tiger died in its prequel so that I would not have gone through the tortuous two hours and 40 minutes. First thing first there's no story in the film at all, I couldn't find a story. Or what they have served in name of story is so premature, predictable and stretched that I were feeling sleepy. Thank God! Extremely cold weather kept me up. Yes! People are boasting about its well choreographed action sequences but, most of the action sequences are so pointless and illogical you feel it has been part of the film just to attract the masses which they will name commercial potboiler. The monotonic facial expressions by both lead actors Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif leave no chances to invoke intensity even in the most tragic events. You just can't hide your poor performance under high voltage (if you believe) action sequences. The trailer suggested it to be better than Ek Tha Tiger but it even failed to surpass the films like Phantom and Agent Vinod. What makes it even weaker is its poorer antagonist, the guy is so simpler he lets everything happen under his nose and does nothing. Ultimately, I'd say the film is waste of resources.
in General by Executive Producer (60.3k points)

And, guys! Do not always go with ratings. Rating fluctuates. What matters most is opinion, what I've written. With Golmal, theatre experience worked for me which I had clearly mentioned in my review. So, my 7/10 may not really mean the rating is completely given to the content of the film. There's various factors taken into account when I rate a film. But, at the end, my opinion should be valued more, I guess.


Well as i said everybody has their own opinion and we should respect that
I was only shocked to see g4 getting that much rating but as you said theatre experience also added
Same way i rated 9 for raess bcoz of the theatre experience
The crowd was electrifying


Definitely.. Opinion should be respected. People should refrain using words like intellectual, it has nothing to do with liking or disliking a film. It's personal instincts.


ankit...congratulations on completing 200 weeks..... now there should be a bonus post from you.... to ask from others to give their favorite top 10 movies that they think most have not watched....
that post will be a cherry on top of this 200 weeks film collections..

BTW i have found this post series very helpful because mjhe daikhne ko bht achi movies mili hain yahan se.

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Well that was expected from you as I said in my Review Neutrals won't like Tiger Zinda Hai if they don't see it as a commercial potboiler .They would find it logicless

by Director (121k points)

Nah. I saw Sultan as commercial potboiler, I liked it and rated 8/10. I saw Kick as Commercial potboiler, I found it decent. I saw Raees as a commercial potboiler but I hated it.

Moral is I don't have problem with that commercial potboiler. But, you really have to make it good.


ofcourse TZH is not on the level of sultan.... but it wasn't this bad 3/10 is HNY Dhoom 3 domain.

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Kingdom of Heaven - 6.5/10

Forsaken - 3/10

by Assistant Director (42.8k points)

kingdom of heaven rating is brutally low

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Tiger Zinda Hain - 6.5/10.

by Super-star (161k points)
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  1. Tiger Zinda Hai [2017] = 6/10 [third time on Bhai's birthday. Finally got to watch the original version where none of the dialogues were dubbed to Hindi.]

  2. Love Actually [2003] = NR [Caught the special open air screening at a pub. Ofcourse enjoyed the film like I always do but sadly heavily censored. Why screen it in a pub if you've to follow TV censorship let alone theatrical one.]

  3. Om [1995 - Kannada] = NR [watched it with parents.]

First Time Watches = None.

Movie(s) of the week = all of them.

I realised, there was no way of enjoying TZH in any theatres once you watch it in Mumbai amidst the hardcore fanbase.

I was happy ppl cheered & whistled for Bhai in PVR but current mindset of hatred towards one country & a religion itself stopped people from properly enjoying or even watch the film. Both in Veeresh cinemas & PVR, I was appalled by their behaviour. I wouldn't mind people not cheering for Salman on screen, I just can't digest when the audience show their hatred towards a religion openly without saying a word. This whole attitude is the real & only Vikas achieved.

by All Time best! (302k points)

where do u watch non dubbed version?


PVR they screened the non-dubbed version. Sadly, there's no proper listing of theatres or screens where non-dubbed or dubbed version is playing.

Two times I tolerated all the foreigners speaking in Hindi where oh my god was dubbed as hey bhagawan etc. But both the times it irked me the most when Sajjad Delafrooz's "prepare for the war" dialogue was dubbed as "Jung ki tayyari karo". So glad to watch the proper version in PVR on 27th.


I watched original version though there was Hindi subtitles for English and other foreign languages.


Yup Hindi subtitles it was. Better than the hindi dubbed dialogues. Ofcourse didn't mess Sajjad's accent but his English accent was more fun & accurate for his background.

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Bareilly Ki Barfi (6.5/10):

A lighthearted, fun romp which has gotten a little too much praise because the other movies have been so bad this year. It is definitely very enjoyable, the music is good, the characters have clear motivation, the small town feel is very well done. Ayushmann and Kriti have a good chemistry, while Rajkumar really gives a very funny performance. The ending does spoil the whole movie a little though.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (7/10):

Accept this movie as it is. It is not as family friendly as the previous one, especially in terms of humour. It has **** jokes, lessons on how to seduce guys, and repeated references to erections. But those are veiled just enough that young kids won't understand. Beyond those parts, this is a very beautifully made movie, with great visuals, very good characters, well defined character arcs, and a simple and interesting premise. The two hours went by in a breeze, the whole cinema was laughing constantly, the kids were aptly scared at a few parts, and there is even a nice little reference to the first Jumanji. The actors deserve a ton of credit too for nailing the parts. These adults are playing teenagers, but also video game characters, and they look the part and are very convincing. Special mention to Jack Black, who proves that he's the veteran among this group. Overall, go and watch it even if you are skeptical, it will win you over in no time.

Movie of the week: Jumanji.

by Editor (82.0k points)

you are damn right..........for saying that line....ENDING SPOILED THE MOVIE..... what a piece of shit ending this movie had....such a great movie..... but ending just completely ruined the whole thing

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  1. Hell or High Water (7/10) - Solid stuff.
  2. Silver Linings Playbook (7/10) - A very good romantic comedy. One of the better Bradley Cooper movies. And Jennifer Lawrence is always love!
  3. There Will Be Blood (9/10) - It has everything you need to be a cinematic masterpiece.
  4. Newton (7/10) - Good movie.
    MOTW -
by Super-star (169k points)

hahaha there will be blood ..... 9/10. yeah right.
enjoy the milk shake scene..... the most cringe worthy scene in the history of oscar winners

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Khaidi no 150 4/10
Poor remake of kaththi with unnecessary forced comedy scenes
What is this obsession of telugu cinema with comedy

Nene Raju Nene Mantri 4/10
Well rana keeps on saying he is doing everything for his wife but keeps on cheating his wife and treats her badly
They themselves made fool of their own here
Plus the way things are shown are unintentionally funny

Ittefaq 7/10
Keeps you hooked although the whole case could have been solved so easily with mobile tracking anyways keep that big plothole aside the movie was still a solid one time watch

LIE 6/10
a passable action entertainer from Nithin
With few gud scenes here and there

Spiderman Homecoming 7/10
Great entertainer
Robert downey jr's cameo was effective
Overall another gud movie from marvel

Richie 6/10
Average remake from Nivin Pauly
Liked his acting but story was average
They changed the screenplay from the original one
Anyways still i m yet to see a bad movie from nivin pauly

IT 8/10
Wooo finally a horror film which can actually scare you
The kids have done well
Plus overall the movie was very entertaining
Had to be the best horror movie of 2017

Gentleman 6/10
Average stuff from nani
Bgm was very gud
Nivetha thomas was gud surbhi didn't had much to do

Movie of the week:IT

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)
edited by

Well obsession is for Chiranjeevi & Brahmanandam combo. Plus too many actors badly wanted to part of Chiru's comeback film.

Nice to see you enjoying IT. The most fun I had watching a Hollywood film in theatre this year. Although IMAX experience was easily the better one.


My bad luck that IT wasn't released in my city
IT was very entertaining
Horror+comedy+emotions a complete package
Coming to khaidi it was awful
Waiting to see megastar in sye raa


what was so good in IT???
it felt more like a horror movie made for children ...... na idher k na udher k .... what is the all hype about.... ?!?!


Well maybe you didn't liked it
Difference in opinion it is

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Saw Jumanji - Welcome to Jungle yesterday @ Cinepolis Royal Meenakshi Mall, Bangalore

7/10 .. Good mix of comedy, Drama and action

Ittefaq on Google play movies

7/10 .. Twist in end was unexpected

by Production Designer (12.0k points)

R u on twitter?

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Ladies vs Ricky Bahl 6/10

Average movie.

Baar Baar Dekho 8/10

Wow. That was a good movie. The story is unique & Siddharth did a good job & Katrina as always .

Dil Dhadakne Do 6/10

Average movie. The runtime is almost 3 hours & that's a big negative for me.

by Camera Operator (8.4k points)

i think dil dhadhkne do was lot lot better than baar baar dekho. i know its a personal opinion thing. baar baar daikho was pretty darn bad. .


Well, yeah its personal opinion thing but dil dhadakne do was decent one time watch for me.

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In Theatres




STAR WARS - LAST JEDI(IMAX 3D) - 9/10 -- Second Time

Movie of the Week - Its damn Simple

Cannot miss the chance to watch Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher -Characters I followed for so long/many memories attached with it....may be for the last time!!!

by Unit Manager (39.8k points)

don't get me wrong i liked all the gifs and stuff...... but did you actually pay real money ...and spend your time on a chick flick ..and that too pitch perfect.....?!?!?!?

its feel wrong....

unless you were with a which case its understandable


ha ha...I understand ....
Yes...I am perfectly normal....these chick flicks....only reason is my Wife....sometimes I cannot say "No" and need to go with her.....or u can say mutual agreement/conditions which I need to follow ...Don;t Worry - u will understand it later when time comes.....


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