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Your favorite Rajesh Khanna's movie

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I have watched Anand,Souten, Aradhana and Haathi Mere Saathi and like all.Anand made me so emotional and I like him in the role
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Rajesh khanna is my fav actor among older superstars
my fav film of rajesh khanna is ittefaq

Upar Aaka Neeche Kaka

by Executive Producer (63.3k points)
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Haven't watched it, will watch soon


Its good suspense movie ahead of its time but bcz of superstardom of Rajesh khanna it sailed through recently there was remake of his movie do watch it

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Not seen many but Anand is the one for me.
Baaumoshay zindagi badi Joni chahiye, lambi nahi!

by Assistant Director (53.8k points)
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Aradhna, safar,anand, ittefaq, aavishkar and amar prem

by Mega Star (225k points)
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Haathi mere saathi amazing movie for me. Because animal and human love shown very intelligently by the director.

by Assistant Director (52.1k points)

Yes, the lyrics of nafrat ke dunya is also too emotional

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For me definitely Anand.

by Production Accountant (27.5k points)


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