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Pathaan (Hindi) is on the brink of another benchmark as it has collected 897 crore worldwide in 18 days and has probably crossed 900 crore before this piece will go up. There is still more to come and this is going to be a huge benchmark for any film to achieve as its very difficult to hit the sort of levels that Pathaan has reached in both India and Overseas. Its a not festive Eid or Xmas release so there can be some upside there but the content has to come on the right date for that to work out. Also for overseas it will probably have to be a Shahrukh Khan starrer.

The film is on the verge hitting the £4 million mark in United Kingdom and will close the third weekend around the £3.9 million mark. It is breathtaking HISTORY in this market as no one would have thought this could happen when £1 million is a BLOCKBUSTER number outside Eid and Xmas. Hopefully this helps the market for other Hindi films as well and not just a one off.

 The other astounding number will be Gulf where the film stands at over $12.6 million and should finish at a crazy $13.5-14 million. The worldwide numbers are not just far higher than and Hindi film but miles higher than any other film from India in its original format. The collections of Pathaan worldwide are as follows.

Pathaan (Hindi)

India - 546 crore (454.25 nett)
Overseas - 351 crore ($42.75 million)

TOTAL (18 Days) - 897 crore (ALL TIME RECORD) (Bahubali - The Conclusion 802 cr, Dangal - 702 cr)

The worldwide numbers in all formats will be around the 915 crore plus mark and this is well off record levels but that is because Pathaan is mainly for the core Hindi film markets and this genre made for Hindi audiences will not travel like a Dangal.

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My dreams are getting bigger. Let's assume the other two SRK movies also release this year. Each of them does 1000crores gross. That would be a 3000 cross gross in a single year from a superstar from a Hindi movie.

A 3000 crores would be total one year Bollywood revenue. That would be more than while lifetime earnings of some A-grade actresses, many A grade actors. That would be while life time earnings of all movies of many directors.

Hope it happens, and I will celebrate again. 3000 crores gross for an actor in a year for a Hindi Bollywood movie is the hope for now.

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Congratulations to srkians for the colossal achievement due to world's greatest ever comeback of king khan in the never seen before success in the post modern global civilizational history of all time..

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Lord Blanka must be happy.
Yes Teabee..very happy.. Earlier he was thinking of selling his ancestral property to bulk buy 3rd day morning ticket of pathan.. But advance reports stopped him.
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BOI and YRF are 1 million behind in Overseas, hopefully BOI update it at the end in overalls.

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