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In every TZH related post Aamir fans come up with their usual rants. BOI is charsi, Koimoi is fake, Indicine is paid and blah blah blah. Some of them are even creating different posts to prove TZH an under performer.

Has TZH really under performed till now? Or Aamir fans are doing those hutiyappa due to their sheer jealousy? Let's try to find out with some hard hitting facts....

Advance booking :
TZH>>>all the Aamir films.

First Day :
TZH>>>all Aamir films.

Weekend :
TZH>>>All Aamir films.

First Week :
TZH>>>All Aamir films.

Bas ek lifetime hi reh gaya hai Aamir fans ke pass. Wo bhi le lenge toh my dear Aamir fans ko China shift hona padega hamesha ke liye.... Hahaha.
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No one is proving it as an under-performer.
Its just the BOI commentary which is the reason for such comments. e.g. According to them tzh isn't performing well in US bcoz masala/action movies doesn't fare well there but what about CE, HNY, Dhoom 3, Dilwale etc.
Also some of you Salmaniacs are over-expecting and over-predicting e.g. See that 2nd weekend prediction post. In reality it will do around 52-57 cr but there you all are predicting 65 cr plus.
Yesterday I predicted 17.5 cr & see the results.


We don't have any problem if you bash BOI. Go to Twitter tag them and jamke gaali do. But you guys spoil Salman related posts and try to prove TZH's achievemts fake hiding behind BOI and other sites. Why man why? Itna jealousy kyu???

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Lifetime Aamir films ke kis wajah se aata hai, woh sabko pata hai....... as BOI has clearly said


So let them burn in jealousy & DOWNVOTING (Which is on high since yesterday)


Jo Aamir ke paas Kamm hai like his Fans :D :D

by Camera Operator (9.1k points)
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Dhobi was an offbeat film. How can u even compare with the likes of full fledged films?
Talaash on a non holiday had 48cr weekend for a suspense film. Huge......


Without Xmas, Aamir is yet to deliver even a HIT film, HUGE (giggle)


Okay man so if u want to show aamir is small when compared with the likes of talaash, dhobi ghat and secret with big budget films . Then he is very small...... I admit it.... Forget Salman, Ajay is ahead in 2010,11,12.........


We don't want prove anyone smaller. We are just celebrating TZH. But your frustrated jealous mates have problems with our happiness. They try to spoil every TZH and Salman related post. They didn't even stop in Salman's birthday. Ab kya hum reply bhi nhi karenge??!

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No one is saying that it is underperformer or anything , the problem is with BOI as they are doing unfair business...
But it also a lesson for those who always complain for Christmas period , free runs , positive WOM as this time TZH have all these thing so a ATG from Bollywood what should be a minimum target here for TZH , i am also not talking about TZH to beat previous ATG Dangal was 20-30% margin like Aamir movies did in past...

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I'm behaving very well since beginning. It's you has brought auto taxi here (maybe your family proffesion)... Hahaha... Ab thoda halka phulka reply Kiya toh rone laga... Hahaha


OK @Deepak @Tiger try to agrue properly, first thing, what you are doing now will then end up on abuses and personal insults, so it'll be better to stop right here, and you wanna fight, do it, but try to control the kind of words you are using.


Ok then what about go to china stuff you lose the track & force me to go the your level.


We have statistics to argue... Jinke paas wo nhi taxi ka Sahara lete hai unko boliye. Well, I'm stopping here.

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TZH is not at all under performer.

by Production Accountant (27.5k points)
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No one is saying TZH is underperformer ... We are saying that Dangal opening was equally bigger and that credit should go to Aamir and not to Enhanced ticket prices as BOI generally says.

It also means that Aamir and Salman equally big superstar ... with right commercial movie both can break any opening records .. with wrong movies(Talaash and Tubelight) both will give less opening.

Even SRK in right masala movie can also give record breaking opening even in his worst phase.

by Production Designer (12.0k points)

Not only vectus but also many others.... Like Rancho, Deepak etc. Though they didn't call it HGOTY.


Now i am accused of someone else's MID.... LMAO....

I am sure Aamir fans must be having someone in MODS, they must have done R&D on my IP as seen for some users...... still a MID accusation :D


Rancho deepak predicted around 90cr which fell short only vectus went overboard. Which was a mistake and We don't endorse it.

Today there is no vectus but we have embarrassed ajay fan who is pretending to be Salman fan just to hide the embarrassment......(giggle)


Embarrassed Aamir fans who now pulling Ajay into bashing to save some Aamir's BO Face :D

Issey badi besti kya hogi when Aamir fan needed to mock a Ajay Fan just to show how big Aamir's achievement :D

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Which Aamir fan said that Tzh collections are less tell me i dont remember any as regards myself i have clearly mentioned many times tzh collections are huge dont blame Aamir fans unnecessarily Salman fans are blabbering nonsense abt Aamir hence we have to reply or else we dont have any enemity with salman

by Executive Producer (63.3k points)

If Aamir fans do not think TZH has underperformed WTH they are the first ones to appear on TZH posts with their usual rants? Tumlog bhi toh din raat China and Taiwan pe posts banate the. Kitno pe aake humne spoil kiya tha?

Lol.... Blaming Bhai fans for your own fanbase's hutiyappa! Thoda knowledge badhao... Forum bahut dino se shant tha fir iss post se sabkuch start hua... Ek baar dekh lo kiski galti h

You guys didn't even hesitate to spoil Salman and TZH posts on his birthday. Aur ulta hume hi blame karo...

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