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Bollywood is over 100 years old let's see how many of all franchises with Blockbuster status all across their series. Tough competition Alert

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  • Salman khan 2
  1.      Dabangg 1, Dabangg 2
  2.     ETT, TZH 
  • Dilip Kumar. 0
  • Raj Kapoor. 0
  • Rajesh Khanna. 0.
  • Amitabh Bachchan.0.
  • Dharmendra.0.
  • Vinod Khanna.0.
  • Mithun Chakraborty.0.
  • Govinda.0
  • Srk 0
  • Aamir khan 0.
  • Sunny Deol 0 
  • Akshay Kumar 0
  • Hrithik Roshan 0
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4 Answers

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This unique record will only improve with Dabangg 3, Kick 2 and Tiger 3 .

by Producer (113k points)
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ha ha.... nice list.... i think... HR has 1 .... Koi Mil Gaya... Kriss ... Kriss 3....

by Editor (84.9k points)

..........KMG super hit .........


BOI ka kam nai.... verdict change karta hai

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When first becomes a blockbuster, then it becomes relatively easy for the sequels to become a blockbuster with a decent script. Here, I can give credit to first film like Dabangg and ETT coz Salman on his own made it blockbuster.

If Aamir does
Ghajini 2
3 idiots 2
Pk 2
Fanaa 2
These movies will also be not just bb it will be atbb/atg. but Aamir doesn't like repeating roles.
It's individual choice....

by Producer (107k points)
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Hum Aapke Hai Kaun 2
Maine Pyar Kiya 2
If Today Release
Not Only All Time Grosser
I Think
HAHK 2 - 14 cr Footfall
MPK2 - 10 cr Footfall

Yor Theories


The list i gave is recent films of Aamir except fanaa and sarfarosh.. Yes if u go back to 90s then yes All movies u mentioned will work... or maynot work..........


look mahn.... ...... untill there is no fanaa 2 or sarfarosh 2 or lagaan 2 or demonetization 2 or waghaira waghaira 2 ..... aamir khan is not in the list.... so his score is 0. find peace 2


Okay until no bahubali no grand masti no cricket match, Salman has no atg and yet to cross PK mahn peace... So no atg in the list....... Enjoy.....

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He has 2 blockbusters in a franchise similar to Ajay (Golmaal 3 & 4) and Hrithik (Krrish & Krrish 3). Salman is yet to do the third movie of Dabanng or Tiger franchises so let's see when that's happen.

by Super-star (169k points)

not happy with happened... always skeptical about what will happen


Question ..- define a typical srk fan..who's lost all hope.
answer.... not happy with what happened... always skeptical about what will happen (seinfeld 1892 AD)


I am saying you missed a point that happened.


You fabricated that point. whats better?
1st superhit, 2nd blockbuster, 3rd blockbuster. this is krrish

The franchise was blemished in the first outing only because first was superhit so it was never going to be a blockbuster franchise. Same with Golmal.

Now salman's both the franchises have started with blockbuster and they have a better chance of being all blockbuster franchise. That should be the point and pointed out by Grand Nova


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