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SRK on dwarf : It is the most advanced VFX film made in the world. The title, tagline also is ready.

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I don't see it backfiring, he said vfx and so far in this decade or in previous decade, his team has always done justice


@TB they've too much time to live up to the words of their boss. So let's see what will they come up with.

I didn't find the VFX work they did for their own films worth praising. Although they did provide better VFX for non-Srk films.


Well they'll improve day by day


Vfx of Fan is something to cheer for.. Even Ra one was ahead of other bollywood stuff

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I really don't like when people who go over the moon and jump up & down while clapping their hands on seeing cartoonish sequence of a grown man surfing on cartoon bulls try to lecture SRK about VFX & Technology

ffs he's trying people, his attempts so far has been good, whether it's Ra.One or Fan, you can say about content but his attempts at vfx & technology were spot on, he did the best ehat he can do with what he has, 90% of Bollywood don't even try, and even in that those who try end up with flying crocodiles and eco friendly lectures in name of vfx

Go check the list of movies in which RC VFX has been involved, from helping hand in few aspects to full work, it's a long list with many acclaimed movies in it.

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Well i don't want to comment of that statement, i don't endorse it, nor will i defend it, i like to think it was a slip of tongue

Regarding my answer, it's for those who thinks he shouldn't do it at all, generally, i didn't said about this particular statement at all..!!


@seinfield knocked it out of the park. Exactly my point too. Tall claims and zero performance. If SRK actually does make something good everyone will naturally appreciate it


Wait for it, Dwarf is coming, i have started a movement

#DwarfTheHaters.........join the movements and collect rewards


Wait dwarf is coming, before that eid kab hai eid, before that fan, this is not something new

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Phir phekna chalu. Never seen before this and that. Cut the crap and make a good movie first. For bollywood and SRK'S sake...lets hope this somewhat works..

by Mega Star (226k points)
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Lo yeh firse chalu ho gaya fekna... Bhai kabhi toh humble reh.. kabhi toh bol ki we are trying our best... bass vfx vfx.. chalo ek aur flop aa rhi hai self proclaimed badshah se...

while Salman and Aamir are looking set for more 300 grossers, king is readying his vfx mastercrap

by Assistant Director (53.9k points)
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MOST ADVANCED VFX FILM OF THE WORLD LOL , that's how you justify your true age. I heard people starts losing mind after a certain age period and tend to speak in a manner which is ridiculed by all.

by Set Decorator (1.7k points)
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I really hope that it does well. Atleast for Shahrukh, and he should stop using words like "Best".
Action speaks louder than words........

by Producer (107k points)
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But I want to live with this raw film and so till February next year, I am committed to the same.

I am saying this confidently as my company (Red Chillies) is working on it. Such films are not made very often and the entire team is giving it the best shot.

Aanand sir is very anxious to do it but we are trying to put our best foot forward and so it’s taking a little time. The title, tagline and even the poster is ready but the team is waiting so that everything comes out perfectly. When an actor like me, who is known for dramatic roles attempts something like this, there are a few apprehensions and we want to give only the best to our audience. I think we will be ready to announce about it very soon.

this is also the stuff he said in the interview, but it wasn't in this article. so everyone quit jumping on the bandwagon of negativity

by Editor (82.0k points)
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They should not have used the words most advanced VFX in the world. I have high hopes from Dwarf though.

by Production Accountant (27.5k points)
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So he started it again just like ra.1 and fan bhai Zara km phenk nai toh excuses b ready rakh

by Unit Manager (37.1k points)
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Yeah and it will be hopefully .... :::::::

by Super-star (169k points)
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All the best SRK. You will surely succeed this time. Proud of you for trying to compete with world cinema in technical department.

by Production Accountant (26.5k points)


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