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The same tubelight crushed JHMS in just 3.5 days yes bhai is unbeatable


Yes, and same Tubelight also crushed hopes of distributors, century of loss, only bhai can do this


Hahaha... Ek ne loss karwaya but kitno ne profit karwaya wo kyu bhul jate ho? 8 blockbusters.... Yaad rakhiyon 8 blockbusters ne profit karwaya.


What ever it is TZH crushed JHMS in 2days flat

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Lets not lose hope, it still has heavy chances of doing 300cr.

by Camera Operator (8.4k points)
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Tuesday hold will tell where the film is headed. It has a clear run for it's advantage.

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Tiger Zinda Hai is set to emerge a big winner and possibly the biggest hit of the year after Bahubali - The Conclusion though there is some work still to be done for that. The film looks to have managed to found some growth on day two with collections looking to be 34.50 crore nett. This will take the two day business of the film to 68.50 crore nett. Dhoom 3 which was a film of a similar genre had slightly lower collections and also fell 1 crore nett on day two while Tiger Zinda hai with a better first day is going up on day two. Its a solid trend as there is no drop in the all India collections.

The growth has come mainly in the metro multiplexes though a few A centers have also added well and the fall in tier two and three centres is not as big as it could have been considering the big opening. The film is sure to cross 100 crore nett over the weekend and join Sultan and Bajrangi Bhaijaan which are other Salman khan starrers to hit the century mark in three days. The target is the 105.50 crore nett of Sultan which is the second highest weekend of all time after Bahubali - The Conclusion and this looks well within the reach for Tiger Zinda Hai. Its looking like a big finish to a bad year theatrically and it will be the weekdays that will confirm this.

by Executive Producer (63.7k points)
TOP Ten Opening Days - GROSS Numbers ...BOI
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Opening number disappointed big time but wom is good among youth & hoping for 300cr still.
Don't know why some fans are overwhelmed by this collection despite releasing 4years after dhoom3 it's Opening is 6cr less than that.

by Executive Producer (66.5k points)

D3 = 32 Cr
TZH = 33.75

How is it less than 6 cr?

What does releasing after 4 years means? Wasn't Dhoom already established Brand with it's 2nd part being BIGGEST ATG, so wasn't that a big advantage to that?


He's talking about gross not nett.

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BOI never posted this kind of Article for Dangal. Wonder why they hate Aamir so much!

by Producer (107k points)
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That's nice. Congratulations to suhas, irdwhelp, Tiger and other salman fans and congrats to that Inshallah guy too ..tanveer.

by Star (151k points)

This answer deserves plus votes from all the Salmaniacs ....

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now weekend 108-110, monday 38
first week 205
second week 120 (im being very optimistic here)
rest 40 cr

total 360 cr


by Assistant Director (53.9k points)

I expect around 310cr now.

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3 Films with 100+ Cr Weekend & still some feel disappointed ...... Well Done Salman, no one can match your stardom......Jiyo !

by Camera Operator (9.1k points)

I'm one of those who feel disappointed


Lol, now ppl will downvote my comment where i am celebrating my fav. star's box office numbers.... LMAO :D


It's ok, i can understand why u feel so :)

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Weekend collections (nett) will be highest ever for Bollywood. Collections will be around 108cr-110cr.

Still I'm disappointed. Even if TZH does 400cr lifetime from here I'll still remain disappointed due to its opening day numbers.

by Assistant Director (49.1k points)

First of all, i don't care if you respect SRK or not, why do you think that are you doing any favour on srkians by not speaking against SRK for last 2-3 days lol


I'm little bit disappointed due to the high standard Bhai sets in the last couple of years. But mere disappoinment me se ek clean hit ki mooh na dekhnewale, Akki se bhi darr ke bhagnewala, 60cr club's king fans ko itna taqleef kyu hi???

Yes I'm not favoring anyone. But mere khamoshi se kuch logo k himmat zarur badh gaye


Agar tum khamosh na raho tab bhi kuch nahi hone wala (rofl) (rofl)


Aur hona bhi nhi chahiye... (rofl)

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Thats a decent hold. Now Sunday needs to be 40cr and xmas needs around 42cr. So we will have a blockbuster finally.

by Mega Star (226k points)

Nope....Xmas day can't have more than Sunday. Next day is working day. So night shows will be affected. Though Sunday has chances to hit 42cr.

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Dhoom 3 dropped on second day but opening of dhoom 3 was sligthly better than TZH’s opening. Also dhoom 3 disnt have a big gain on sunday. If TZH can collect 38+ crores on sunday then it means wom is better than dhoom 3 and will probably cross dhoom 3’s lifetime collection. Above 40 crores Sunday and movie can cross 300 crores and footfalls of 3 crores can be done.

by Producer (101k points)
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Sultan, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Tiger Zinda Hain are the movies with 100 crore+ in the weekend.I am right to be disappointed because Salman needs to make another record

by Producer (114k points)

No need to disappoint it will cross 300cr

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I was expecting more but still good collections.

by Production Accountant (27.5k points)
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Aww man, seems like both my first day and weekend predictions will be just lower than the actual figures.

Anyway, I am happy that it is performing well, and it shows that audience comes out when the feel a movie is worth it.

This should be MonkeyGod Uncle's third 100cr opening, which is no mean feat.

by Editor (82.0k points)
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Lol their comparison first start with Baahubali but after looking at opening they shifted it to with Dangal (because action movie tend to open better while movies like Dangal /Bajrangi shows growth in non - evening shows) , after first day when actually figure out & was in same range of Dangal they find some new theories to feel themselves better ...
Coming to TZH performance opening was very good & with growth on Sunday - Monday a huge lifetime will be achieved (but again if movie shows good growth on Sunday- Monday then don't know how BOI will react on that as they feel the pressure whether to present it as Bhai Ka jalwa or good WOM power)..
By the way Tzh 2nd gross is still less or almost equal to Dhoom 3- Saturday figure..

by Star (156k points)

No TZH 2nd day gross will be more than dhoom3 as well as nett.


May be but that is hardly in lakhs , but with all thing remain same then Dhoom 3 Saturday figure was close to 40 Cr..

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