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in General by Producer (118k points)

@raghib AAA is a talented guy, not exactly border, this was more on the lines of phantom and baby.


Not exactly in terms of presentation , execution , plot , story, acceptance, m just referring to the scale, duration of action- specifically bomb explosions, gun shots, rocket launchers- never seen that DOSE since BORDER or LOC.

Headache aa gya parbhu. only if ali would hv trimmed it by 20-25 min it wud hv been sth else. INDEED


Yes last 25 mins were stretched. But on the whole well handled by AAA.


i dont think there was any issue with movie being stretched ..... or dragged.
just wished AAZ had made better impact with this movie title TIGER ZINDA HAI.... like this title suggests there willl be some twist bound to happen with Tiger ..... AAZ could have done a better job.

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Tiger Zinda Hai - It is India-Pakistan bhai bhai in Desi Rambo style.

Story -
It follows eight years after the events of Ek Tha Tiger. The dynamic duo Tiger & Zoya are happily married with their son Junior as they continue to live hiding their identities from the world as well as their agencies. An hostage crisis brings them back into the field serving their country once again.

Movie -
The initial 20 minutes is dedicated to the 25 nurses getting taken as hostages by ISC as their general Abu Usman is hurt in crossfire. Director Ali Abbas takes his time into introducing Abu Usman (Sajjad Delafrooz) as the dreaded terror chief & his group, establishing ISC's hold in that part of the world as well as subtle introduction of few nurses characters. Let me clarify, this is the only time you'll get to see anything subtle. As the story moves forward, these initial 20 minutes serve their purpose for the introduction of the man of the hour, Tiger (Salman Khan). He gets to save his son from a pack of wolves while staying true to the challenge posed by his son. This well choreographed sequence is well shot & needless to say whistle worthy. Quickly, we get to see a whistle worthy entry of Zoya (Katrina Kaif) too. Ali the writer once again re-establishes the characters of Tiger & Zoya to be well in their game despite having to live a silent life. The first song Dil Diyan Gallan is well placed & it showcases the impeccable chemistry between the lead actors.

The hostage crisis lands Girish Karnad at Tiger's place & he's brought back into the field. He has his own rules & brings in his own team. The scenes are quick paced as they team up to execute their plans. Ofcourse the plans are well laid out, does hinders the pace but the proceedings make up for it as the action pieces are very well choreographed & presented. The humourous conversation between the team members is noteworthy.

Zoya too enters the field & this whole scenario of RAW & ISI joining hands for a mission is presented perfectly. The patriotism though on our face doesn't go the preaching way. The humour continues here too & keeping things lighter despite the issue dealt is harsher.

Note: Malayalam movie Take Off, one of the top 4 best films released this year has dealt the same issue in a mature & realistic way. However, Tiger Zinda Hai is all masala as providing entertainment is it's main intent. Comparing these two films is just pointless..

Coming back, post interval the film cleverly retains it's pace. Thankfully the songs don't act as a speedbreaker. The second song Tera Noor is placed in a way, it gives the Katrina's best moment in this move while she rocks the entire number with her stunts (Kudos to the body double too). Entire second half is the newly formed team of RAW & ISI executing their plans despite the challenges imposed on them. Predictability exists right from the beginning but you won't sense any signs of boredom. It all comes down to Tiger in the end & a shirtless Bhaijaan is the final masala ingredient to end the film on a high. It is an open ending again.

Performances -
Salman Khan as Tiger is restrained. He isn't playing a simple child like innocence wala character which he got to play repeatedly in his last few outings. He gets to keep a straight face throughout & firmly carries the film on his shoulder. A showcase of Megastardom indeed.

Katrina Kaif does a fair job. She falters in dramatic dialogues but excels in the action scenes, every one of them.

Paresh Rawal is first rate. So is Kumud Mishra & Girish Karnad. Angad Bedi gets his fair share of whistles in the right time.

Anant Vidhaat Sharma appears alongside Salman once again after Sultan. Sadly he has very little to offer along with the blooper.

Sajjad Delafrooz impresses as the main baddie. He emotes really well. Yet another good performance from him after Baby.

Pluses -
1. Salman Khan
2. Katrina Kaif in the action scenes.
3. Bhaijaan shirtless scene.
4. Humourous banter between RAW & ISI.
5. Well choreographed & shot action set pieces.
6. Cinematography.

Minuses -
1. Predictability of the screenplay.
2. It's an outright actioner, logic does take the backseat.
3. Too many dialogues explaining the plans which does hinders the pace.
4. Prolonged climax. Film would've benefitted if trimmed by 15 minutes.
5. Dialogues about religion at the crucial part of the climax. Not that it is bad, it's just way too routine.

Final Rating - 3.5/5 (lenient)

Is it better than Ek Tha Tiger? Yes.
Is it subtle as Ek Tha Tiger? No.

Final Words - It is India-Pakistan bhai bhai in Desi Rambo style.

by All Time best! (301k points)
selected by

Yeah the action scenes are not jaw dropping for sure. But still TZH is one of the better action movies to have come out of bollywood because bollywood lacks jaw dropping, wow moments action scenes. When i have to think of which one is better than TZH in terms of action I have to go back to Dhoom 2 which happened 11 years ago.


Personal opinions. Better is the word I could agree upon.

That car flipping in slow motion above Salman in the climax was super cool shot. TZH needed more such (not just with cars).


and you didn't mention TIGER was more serious in this part , he was easy going affable in part 1... that thing wasn't carried forward to sequel...specially when his life is all sorted and settled.


Well his character graph wanted him to be more serious compared to first. 8 years of marriage and a kid, explains it.

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Pvr city centre. 5:30pm. Occupancy- 95%

TZH is one of the slickest films in recent times. The scale is huge and there is no stone left unturned to make it as real as possible. Unlike the first part, this one has a plot. The acting is fantastic from everyone and the movie keeps you engaged throughout. Its slightly stretched in the last 20mins or so, but keeping that aside its a brisk ride. Katrina looks beautiful, does her stunts very well but her dialogue delivery is terrible. The guy who plays the villain is menacing, very real too.

It gets tougher to do such intense action with age but Salman commands this movie. Tiger has the right mix of humour and seriousness. He is amazing in the action scenes and very good in the emotional parts too. AAA showcases him damn well and the opening sequence is what a megastar like him commands.

It might get a little complicated to follow at times if espionage and spy thrillers arent your thing, but the movie is paisa vasool for me. Tiger ab bhi zinda hai. I want to see a 3rd part.

Rating- 3.75/5

by Mega Star (225k points)

How was the response & wom of the people ..


@irdwhelp, wom is good, response was very good. Girls were not liking it much, youth was. I feel it will do 280-290cr max. Not as universal as Sultan. And romance is almost non existent


so its going past your predictionof 280-290 .... max
ofcourse ... no one could have predicted TZH boxoffice unpredictable it has been


It is. I was not expecting it to as it isnt as universal. Treatement was more on the lines of baby and so crossing 300cr is a huge acheivement. Now obviously BB and PK are in its sights.

+3 votes

Fun Cinemas,Bangalore 6.00pm show
Theatre was house full not even one seat was empty
Coming to TZH entry was not that great compare to Ett .but movie is total paisa vasool this is going to be Salman best action movie after wanted. And movie is very much engaging and . what we missed in ETT, TZH is compensate here. I was feeling like watching HHollywood movie starring mega Star Salman khan Indian Bond movie.One of the lifetime best experience I have got in 70mm screen .TZH have lots of goosebumps scenes. Bomb defusing. Climax Scenes best of the Bollywood and action is top class like never before
Acting wise Salman is in top form Mahn and shirt less scence will make us crazy .Suprise is Katrina wow just nailed it with her acting.action and her emotions wow

Just one word Baap of all action movies of Bollywood.

Ratings. 5/5

And I'm planning to watch another 3days continuously
Till Christmas

by Location Scout (5.0k points)
+3 votes

The main plot of the movie is quite predictable from the trailer itslef. Anybody who has watched the trailer can predict that tiger will successfully rescue the nurses from the terrorists led by Usman. But the subplots of getting hold of Tiger and the team entering the hospital where the nurses are held hostage are very engaging. At no point you get bored. Dil diya gallan which is visually stunning comes at the right time and besides this song there is only one other song in the background which doesnt hamper the flow of the movie.
All the supporting cast has done their job well including Tiger and Zoya. Paresh Rawal adds a little humor to the movie. Visually the movie is spectacular. The fight with the wolves and the climax fight are really good. Overall the flow was good but I felt like the movie could have been cut down by 15-20 minutes to make it more engaging.
Personally for me, TZH is one of those rare bollywood movie whose sequel is betrer than prequel. Yes, tiger Zinda hai is much better than ETT when it comes to action, screenplay as well as the plot. The only thing it lacks in comparison to it’s own prequel is the music/ songs though the background music adds immesely to the movie. On whole TZH is one of the betrer action movies to have come out of bollywood. I would rate it 3.75 stars out of 5.

by Producer (101k points)

Yes agree with you that the treatment is on the line of baby. The only difference is TZH is more entertaining and appeals to a wider audience than Baby. But I feel like it lacks repeat value unlike Sultan so might just fall short of Sultan’s final collection unless the free run and Christmas period provide extra boost to the collection of the movie.


More than the repeat value wom among female audience might keep it below Sultan. It’s an out and out action entertainer and holds less appeal to female audience.


Yes true. Put an Akshay kumar in this movie and opening would be 15cr and lt would be 100cr. But no doubt it’s one of the better action movies in recent times. Iraq is very well recreated and that new actor who plays abu usman is very good


you remembered females not liking it ... but you forgot salman khan's pull in single screens.... the main driving force in its theatrical run.... im actually surprised

+3 votes

Inox, Bhubaneswar.Occupancy-100%

On a whole TZH is far better movie than ETT, Action sequences are probably the best in Indian cinema.
Movie focused more on the mission & Action.
There is actually no romantic angle between Bhai & Kat apart from the song.
Movie is engaging ,at no point you will feel bored apart from last 30min which was stretched.
Probably the best big budget spy thriller movie by Bolly better than all movies of salman this decade apart from BB & sultan.
Acting is excellent from every actor of the movie.
Surprisingly kat was good in the movie especially her Action sequences while Tera Noor song was playing in background.
1-Cinematography is very good
2-Big treat for Action lovers
3-All actors did their work beautifully
4-Engaging till end
5-far better than ETT
1-Doesn't hold universal appeal, ETT had romance, comedy,song all in place.youth will love the movie.
Ladies & family audience will find it hard to connect with the movie.
2-Bit too long,if Ali could have trimmed 20min more movie could have been a treat.Last 30min were far too could have easily reduced to 2:20hr i think from original 2:45
So overall TZH is a good movie but lacks universal appeal so i think movie will find it hard to cross 300cr.

by Executive Producer (66.1k points)
+3 votes

So Finally Watched Tiger Zinda Hai . Its first time in 5 years that I wasn't able to watch Salman Starrer on Day 1 due to some personal reasons. Now coming to the movie
Venue - Delite Cinema
Occupancy -100%
Date -29th December
Tiger Zinda Hai Best Action Thriller of Bollywood made in commercial space . Screenplay is so intriguing filled with not a single moment where you can blink eyes . Background Music is too good and that especially BM when Katrina does action is bestest
Ali Abbas Zafar as a director has proved that he can present Salman in a way Audience wants to say with right amount of content which gets connected to Pan Indian Audience. One of the best Commercial Directors right now in the country.
The message of Aman ki Asha and Patriotism has been portrayed so beautifully in the movie with right amount of emotional connect a Thriller Could have .Those complaining for logical loopholes in the movies are pseudo intellectuals who don't like commercial cinema
Ali Abbas after Sultan has come with another emotional BM which keeps you emotionally connected to the movie .Action is best of Bollywood and it would require another movie with great effort to surpass it
Coming to Acting Department Apart from Tiger who whenever comes on the screen there is a huge cheer in the crowd but Salman has again given good performance and in one of the Emotional scenes he was simply too good. Katrina Kaif what to say about her .This is the first time I have cheered for her in the movie for the action scenes and after a long time I really loved her in the movie .The Biggest Surprise in the movie was Paresh Rawal. He bring comic relief in the movie and doesn't hiccup the proceedings of the movie. All other Supporting cast has done great job with Abu Usman being top rate as a Terrorist
Climax of the movie is Top Rate with an open ending and perfect amount of Patriotism which will force people to clap in theatres
My Rating for the movie -4/5 . Only Reason I am deducting one Star is due to few logical loopholes which could have been subtly corrected in the movie otherwise movie is Perfect
The Movie deserves every single Rupee of its Blockbuster collection. I think it should do 310-315 cr in its lifetime. May be more who knows . Response is Terrific in Mass Centres
P S- Swag Se Swagat looked awesome on Screen and after a long time I automatically starting grooving to the steps of the song

by Director (121k points)

ending and interval scenes were not as good as sultan.... ali abbas zafar didn't handle the movie as well as he did with sultan....
ofcourse sultan was his well reseached most ambitious movie.... but i think ali abbas zafar didnt succeed that well as well he could have.


he connected well with sultan in the ending scenes....
SULTAN arrogant V SULTAN mature..... and interval scene where he started was powerful. damn now it looks even better after TZH.


Well Sultan was better movie than TZH as emotions were better but You can't expect Emotions to be that damn High in an out and out Action Thriller.I liked Climax of Tiger Zinda Hai more than Sultan as there was way more thrill and Patriotism angle while Sultan ending was something which didn't had that intrigue level
Both Sultan and TZH are good movies in their genre .Sultan was more universal and has better chance of people getting connected to it

+2 votes

Bharth mall Big cinemas , mangalore.. timing 5pm occupancy 20%
I wil write short review....
Well movie inner script is quite complicated it wil difficult to find or understand every scene in Movie... its not just rescuein nurses... the involment of american military makes little complicated for nornal audience ... The pak ind bonding is great.. nationalism kutt kutt ke bara hai.. The entry of zoya n his team in mistion makes u little cringy.. it would have executed better..ali failed to execute script detail to audience in simple manner.. it feels little complicated..
Hassan rescue a kid suicide bomber makes u little out of nurse mission ...
Climax was great with full of action never seen in indian cinema... but only lacked in gud high quality camera like hollywood even judwaa2 had better camera n visual appeal... action stiunt are stunning but still dil mange more like fast n furious or casino royal or expandable...

Ending with swag se swagat was best n best moment in my theatre was 1.5yr gal kid dancing on it near screen...

RATING 3.75...

by Assistant Director (42.0k points)
edited by

ya bro. Wher did u watch..


Inox manipal


chal shukar hai.... you liked it.... i know how much you were skeptical before its release. in fact form longtime..... but one thing i would like to just say.... camera work ... was very good.... you just have to look at it in wolves scene....


Grandy here m talkin abt high quality hd camera n digital color correction work in vfx.. thats missing in every bollywood movie .. i dnt y they dnt use those thing in big budget bollywood movie... it doesnt cost u much only some post production work needed in color correction department with hd camera... only Dhoom 3 had those hd camera with vfx color correction work matching 60% with hollywood... watch tzh trailer n furious7 trailer for comparison specially dubai desert scene in both... u wil come to know the diff ..

+2 votes

TZH undoubtedly lived up to my expectation significantly. By each passing year my love for Salman Khan is increasing and rightfully so because the amount of hard work he puts into his work gets undermine by his great presence. However, the most surprising element in the movie was Katrina Kaif. She impressed me the most because I had zero expectations from her to begin with. But when noor song hit the screen with Katrina going all out it gave me some serious deja vu. Overall the movie was great and box office collection speak for that greatness. Therefore for me the film is definite 9/10.

by Art Director (2.6k points)

haha yeah its everywhere...everyone is saying this one thing.... KATRINA KAIF SURPRISED.

check kar isay...salman khan k sath ati hai ...role milta hai..... ye khatoon deserve nahe karti

aamir khan acha karta hai is k saaath..... baizzat karta hai ...oukaat main rakhta hai....
par salman khan nay sarr pay charhaya hua hai isay.

0 votes

Tiger Zinda Hai.? Okay it was my fault that i was curious to know that what's up with tiger after he survived with his alleged Pakistani ISI agent lover Zoya. He was doing good playing with dog like Wolves in alps. Now before going much into the story let me introduce you to the film.

Title - Tiger Zinda hai
Genre - Fantasy, Fiction.

Plot - Okay this time there was plot unlike his last release tubelight. From no where bunch of nurses were taken as hostages. Why? To treat no so badly injured leader or ISE. Now there's RAW, AMERICA, ISI, ISE involved to it but well this mission can only be done by the tiger. Also can be accomplished very easily by a wounded tiger

Ali Abbas's direction. Well the set up was quite good but given such huge amount of money to burn it could have been made better.

Regarding script everything happens in a blink of an eye. Sallu, Katrina, team reaching at event with all the preparation and homework in a day. Salman Khan a.k.a. flash saves a kid standing at 20 min distance in about 1/10th of a second.

Entering the ISE base, staying there, taking out hostages from there with sacrifice of 2 members in the team. If this is gonna be this way lemme tell you tentative script of the third installment of the series.

Tiger Bhagwan Hai

While fighting a pack of zombies tiger saves his grandson from them. The world is at war and RAW finds out that Koreans are gonna launch a nuclear attack on America Via India and Pakistan. Tiger was called to stop the attack while Koreans threaten that they will destroy everyone. Tiger leads the pack with America Swat team at his back following his instructions. He somehow can't stop the launch of bombs and takes it into his Mouth and other possible holes. Everything explodes, his body torn out into pieces and the screen blacks out. Later it shows

"3 months later"

We see tiger and Zoya enjoying their time on Mars on a family trip with an alien holding Indian flag in background.

Coming back to Tiger zinda hai. There are couple of good scenes and the message was clear. Spread Love. But you can't show it in this way where there are raining bullets and none hits tiger or even his team. Surviving every accidents, blasts and shit they say let there be peace in world. Terrorists justifying their reasons which made them terrorists?? like really?

Now imagine a scenario where you think none of this. go there, whistle and hoot at each round of bullets fired.

Acting department - Well there was not much scope to act. It was perfect for action film.

Final ratings - 1/5

by Unit Manager (32.2k points) 1 flag

wahan to bus 1 hi downvote dikh raha hai..... maine abhe nahe kiya.... par ab mera bhe include kar lai.


on second thoughts.... TZH hit hogai... to ja maaf kar diya. .... in fact... upvote karta jaonga.


abbe downvote 1 hi dikha raha hai kyuki baaki sab positive votes ke saath cancel out ho gaye :p
aur hit flop se mujhe kya achi honi chaiye..aur tzh hathoda thi


Lucifer hit flop stardom se mujhe kya... baat toh bilkuk sahi kahi tune 60cr club king ka fan jo hai...


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