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Name And Rate Movie You Watched (10th Dec - 16th Dec). Also Choose Movie Of The Week. Week 199. Stars War: The Last Jedi Week.

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1. Tumhari Sulu (2017): 7/10 The film is one of the sweetest films of the year. The basic plot doesn't offer you something extraordinary but treatment makes all the differences. How a simple living housewife makes her way to becoming a popular late night show RJ of Mumbai is a heartfelt story. The message is same that overcome all the odds and achieve your optimum at any cost. What you get more here is the extra dosage of humor and wits and not-so-depressing character sketch which most of the films have been portraying when the subject discuss on women-empowerment. The female lead character, played by gorgeous Vidya Balan, does have ambitions in life but she doesn't regret doing anything in her life, she enjoys being a housewife, she enjoys it when she participates in Best Mother Contest in her son's school and that's from where cheerfulness comes in her. The film supports my views when it shows that it asks time and a lot of patience to break irrationality but if you are confident and stubborn enough to not give up, you can walk away from any path and become a champion. The film has this beautiful message.

Rest, I would not talk much about Vidya cause we all trust her and she has kept our trust intact here. Loved to see Neha Dhupia in the film, feels bad that she is lost somewhere because she still has that old charm and pulls. Music is a bonus, the recreation of old classic and new composition are pleasant to ears. Rest, the film is deserving.

2. The Walking Dead Season- II (TV Series) (2012): 8/10 Now, this was unexpected after a rather slow first season. The way story, characters, and tone grew up in the second season made me quite addictive to this TV Series. Especially, the first episode of the season is on the whole new level, actually, I felt depressed about what happened to the end in this particular episode. I was so involved, I kept watching episode by episode for the 10- hours continuously. The season is no doubt gripping. All set for 3rd season now. I'm gonna miss the guy Shane, the grayest character of the series as of now. Although he was mean, a little bit psycho, violent but he was trapped in many emotions and was just confused with his intentions. He was good mahn.
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Just talking about the Movies watched in Theaters last week and not Online/DVD/BluRay ones:

Rating # 9/10


WONDER - 8/10

The Man Who Invented Christmas - 5/10

Movie of the week - Star Wars

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I despise you.


ha will hate me more when u know that I just spent $10.00 only to watch all these movies in premium plexes.......


I know. **** India. BTW Moviepass any chance of opening in india.

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None this week
Fukrey returns previous week

Fukrey Returns is one of the best Bollywood Comedy movie of 2017 and the best Bollywood movie I've seen in 2017 in theatre.

Now story of movie is similar to first movie with some changes here & there but the outline follows first part. The strength of the movie comes from it's characters, whether major characters or minor characters, all together lifts the movie, the chemistry between cast is good and one very good thing that makers did is increasing the screentime of few characters which were in minor role in previous film which also helped the movie specially Pandit Ji.

The cast are hilarious and stand out are Choocha & Pandit, both are absolutely hilarious and rest are good too, the humor in movie is continuous and even though there are few scenes where humour dries and drama takes over, those are few and far and comedy takes centre stage.

Overall Fukrey Returns is an entertaining comedy movie which is much better then comedy movies like Jolly LLB 2, TEPK, Judwaa2, Golmaal 4 etc and also one of the best movies of 2017.

Looking forward now to it's inevitable sequel and more antics of Fukra party , and hopefully this time they take less time to return..!!

by All Time best! (269k points)

Same here. Fukra Party Zindabaad

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Half Girlfriend 3/10
Pheww came so close to beating BKD as the worst somehow was a little and i mean just a little less worse than BKD
What to say about this horrible film
Just as BKD the characters take such awful foolish logicless decisions
Bollywood has killed the romance genre this year

Vekh Bartaan Chaliya 6/10
A gud comic film from binnu dhillon and kavita kaushik

Sakhavu 7/10
Man what an actor nivin pauly is
I am yet to watch a movie of him which disappoints me
His comic timing is brilliant and equally brilliant in the serious role

Kadamban 5/10
Just an average flick from arya
The plot was interesting they could have easily done better

Movie of the week: Sakhavu

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)
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You liked HSKD?


But still found it a bit better than BKD

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Fukrey Returns: 9/10

I went to watch this movie because I liked the first part and the way it was and still performing at the box office. Man what a flawless comedy movie and it is actually better than Golmaal Returns. The performance of Varun Sharma aka Choocha is absolutely fantastic. He made me laugh throughout the whole movie. Hunny, Lali, Zafar, Bholi were good too. Overall a completely good comedy movie which you can enjoy to the fullest.

by Camera Operator (8.4k points)
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  1. The Green Inferno (5/10) - I watched it just expecting some good cannibal scenes and the whole 5 star is for that, except that there is nothing in the movie as basically that was all the movie had to show. The entire first part is the build up for the disgusting second half and the worst part is that even the first half is disgusting thanks to the terrible actors.
  2. Wreck-It Ralph (7/10) - Enjoyable animated flick like all other Disney animations.
  3. Big Hero 6 (7/10) - animations.
    Movie of the week -
    Wreck It Ralph and Big Hero 6.
by Super-star (169k points)
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Murder on the Orient Express

I have been a huge huge fan of Agatha Christie and her works. The book is very well adapted and the performances are sparkling. Kenneth Branagh shines as Poirot but for me David Suchet was a class apart, no one has played Poirot better than him. All in all a very satisfying watch.

Rating - 4/5

by Mega Star (226k points)
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Fukrey Returns
I didn't like this movie. I loved first part but didn't enjoyed second part. Went with huge expectations but was disappointed,only Chucha performance was good and rest all were below average.

by Production Accountant (27.5k points)
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  1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi [2017 - IMAX 3D] = 7/10 [Caught the Thursday premiere, thanks to BMS selecting me as the chosen one & Star Movies Secret Screening initiative]

  2. Baashha [1995] = 8/10 [special experience to watch this on Rajinikanth's birthday with reach crazy fans. First time saw girls dancing infront of the screen. All of them voluntarily bought lower stall tickets to dance.]

  3. IT [2017] = re-watch.

First Time Watches = Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Movie(s) of the week = all of them.

by All Time best! (302k points)
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Munna Michael (unfinished):

Terrible acting. Poor dialogues. Cringe worthy comedy. I had to close it after 30 min.

Andaaz Apna Apna (5.5/10):

Watched the complete movie for the first time. I thought it was OK, with some very funny scenes and a few terrific performances. I don't think it deserves thr cult reputation. The movie's story is fine but the last 30 minutes are way too stretched, too unfunny. The main lead performances aren't impressive. Aamir is OK. Salman is OK in some scenes, bad in others. Karishma is terrible. Raveena is OK. Gogo was a big disappointment. The best acting is done by Paresh Rawal and his two assistants.

by Editor (82.0k points)

AAA is good in starting, but goes downhill as its progresses and goes completely offtrack by the time it ends


well my cousin happens to be a big fan of it, so he insisted that we should watch it. what I will say is that it's not the main plot that kept me interested, it was side characters.

Paresh Rawal was great, so were his assistants. the scene where he starts crying because of their incompetence is hilarious, the scene where he explains his omelette and bread plan is hilarious. but yeah, it goes on and on, and the final 30 minutes were painful to watch. even my cousin took off the nostalgia glasses and realised that it wasn't as great as he thought.




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