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I tried to watch it, but could not watch it beyond 15 minutes, but in use it has almost religious following

which part is the best ? i will try to watch though i think  they are bit too much  nerdish

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Same here brother
I have never watched any star war movie
Tried several times but just couldn't watch it i dont no why but i found it very unintersting

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Star Wars is very popular in USA. If we make Baahubali as a series it would be similar to Star War's craze there. Tbh I could not watch Star Wars too, its just not for me. The cgi and materials used in the movie looks cheap and the characters are weird. Nevertheless its just my opinion, Star Wars is the most beloved franchise of Hollywood.
Many Star Wars episides are highly rated but I guess Empire Strikes Back is the best part.

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Same here mate. Never liked it.

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Same here, tried to watch it but just couldn't watch idk why. But its craze is quite similar to Bahubali craze in India.

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Same here.........................................................

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Though I watch alot of hollywood movies (60+ /year)but never tried star wars. It seems boring.

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Watched the first one many years ago. Didn't like it at all. Tried to watch Empire Strikes Back, but couldn't bear more than 20 minutes.

Since then I have seen The Force Awakens, which was decent enough. I would give it the same rank as a mid-level marvel movie, like Ant-Man.

The thing is I generally either don't like or outright despise these old Hollywood classics.

I hated the first Indiana Jones, it gave me a massive headache.

I could not figure out what was so special about Ghostbusters. Below Average IMO.

I did not like Gremlims.

I couldn't finish The Goonies.

There are 2 movies that are the exception.

Beverly Hills Cop, which isn't great or anything but pretty good for one time watch.

And then of course Back to the Future, which is my most favorite movie ever.

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Same here ( I'm adding this so that answer does not seem as copy)

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