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Name And Rate Movie You Watched (3rd Dec - 9th Dec). Also Choose Movie Of The Week. Week 198. Fukrey Returns Week.

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Walking Dead Season -1 (TV Series) (2010) : 6/10 I've been big fan of 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later. Now, this TV series seems like a rather slow and remix version of both the films. Only handful impressive moments in each episode, otherwise they've too much chattering and talking sequences and sometimes it feels completely dragged. May be, the film gets better in next season and I'm all prepared to go with it as it's not bad either. A good time pass for sure.
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to nenokkadine do you think its the best movie in mahesh babu's career
Suhas bhai


Well, I am not going to give up any soon as zombie drama is my favourite genre. I've all 7 seasons and I'll watch that all.
In that old weekly post I can find three things..
1. You watching Titanic.
2. My poor English
3. How much we used to talk and participation of other active members as well. Golden days.


@Ssk yes it is.


Glad to know you like zombie drama too. The Walking Dead is a must watch. Just don't watch Fear The Walking dead.

Yup those were golden days with more active users on your posts. Keep it up, the participation will be back.

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  1. Mother! (6/10) - The story takes way too much time to give a clue so for the most of the part or you can say till the last thirty minutes it feels like you are watching a beautiful wife (surely Lawrence) fucked up by the weird choices of her husband. Surely the movie is very fucked up but it lacks the charmness nature of director's previous works like Requiem For A Dream or Black Swan. Nevertheless the last thirty minutes saves the movie and its just a pure adrenaline rush. Mother might not be a very good movie, but certainly its much better than what reviews told us.
  2. The Body (7/10) - It's maybe Spanish movie, I didn't bother to check the origin language but it was a solid gripping thriller. The thing I like about foreign thrillers is that they really know how to keep the audience engaged with some unexpected twists and turns and a racy screenplay. However the ending seems a bit over the top, still a very good watch.
  3. The Grand Budapest Hotel (7.5/10) - It's like Forest Gump had sex with 'crime' genre and produced this movie. It's entertaining, hilarious and witty and at the same time serious, artistic and engaging.
    Movie of The Week -
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Hmmm.. anyways remembered I hadn't mentioned Wonder in last week. Will update the answer in that post. Best film of this year.

  1. Titanic 3D [1997] = well watching it in theatre again was a given thing. Watched it multiple times back in 1998, 2012 re-release & 2017 re-release. Also thought it would be the last show on Thursday so watched it but they kept it for this weekend too.

  2. Nayakan [1987] = NR [ofcourse a masterpiece from Mani Ratnam. A true tribute to The Godfather. Re-watched it with mom.]

Also watch Stronger Things Season 1 & 2. Highy recommended.

First Time Watch = None.

Movie(s) of the Week = Titanic & Nayakan.

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Temper (6.5/10):

Watched this yesterday because of some unexpected free time. Hindi dubbed of course. It's a decent enough movie. Being the type of movie it is, some illogical stuff has to be expected. As Suhas said, the movie really picks up in the second half with the rape stuff, and the court case is also very good, it also managed to legitimately surprised me. of course there is a fairy tale happy ending, but even then I liked it. More than anything else, I was surprised how the movie took on the issue of how women are treated. I mean I know that there are people who care about the issue, but seeing so many people openly blaming them for everything makes me forget that sometimes. Regardless of whether they meant what they said, I liked it a lot.

Rohit Shetty can make a good movie out of this.

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Rocket Singh : Salesman of the year (2009) 8.5/10

Good and simple film. Ranbir totally nailed his role . Other star cast supported him throughout the movie. A must watch film if you dont want to waste your time.

Bachna Ae Haseeno 9/10 (2008)

Loved it. Ranbir is suited for the role and out of the three heroines I liked Manissha (Mahi) the most. She just killed it first with her love with Ranbir and then after marriage role. Movie picked up big time after interval specially the (mafi wale) scenes of Ranbir.

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