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Check out the official trailer of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. In theatres June 22nd, 2018.

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And BTW just if anyone is feeling spoiled, don't be, that volcano sequence is surely not the ending, as many people are complaining on social media about trailer spoiling ending.

by All Time best! (269k points)
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That's a great CGI with some elements of a movie.

by Super-star (169k points)
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I like the previous one less every time I think about it.

Hope this does not beat IW the way JW beat AOU.

by Editor (82.0k points)

well, I just see the trend and predict based on that.

both AoU and CW had massive openings, but did not hold on very well after that. Especially CW even had great reviews and audience liked it a lot but still had a lesser multiplier than Suicide Squad.

I think as the MCU progresses, the peak level audience is shrinking. Basically they are getting more dedicated audience that will watch everything from the MCU, but also there are some who do not want to follow the continuity and so will not watch.

So I think IW will open to around 185m-200m and wrap up around 475m-500m.


No way, AOU was just a sequel to Avengers, IW is the culmination of 10 years, both are incomparable, IW hype is way higher then AOU.

Regarding CW, it isn't that simple, CW had great reviews but it was not a good experience watching your favourite characters getting torn apart like that, i also don't like it in that aspect, watching Avengers fighting together is grrat, watching them fighting each other and remaining unsolved by the end of movie, didn't went down well, plus you had iron man fanboys crying all over because iron man lost so that's that.

And same reason why IW will do big, because not only it's 10 years of storytelling that led upto this moment, now people are interested to find out how will avengers reunite and emotional stakes this time will be higher too, so it results in humongous hype being generated and results will be there when movie releases.


ok bro, you have your predictions and I have mine.

we will see what happens when the movie actually releases.

I for one would be more than happy if IW breaks the opening record and is the HGOTY in domestic, overseas, and worldwide.


It will be

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Eagerly waiting for this movie.

by Production Accountant (27.5k points)
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Nothing exciting about it.. They are not doing anything new in these film from last one. From trailer I doubt it will have strong story.. So it will be difficult to bring audience when you don't have anything different to offer.

by Super-star (161k points)

Actually they are, plot is different, but if they show whole movie in the trailer then what will they show in theatres..??


Plus they have a very important factor which will bring the audience - DINOSAURS..!!


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