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Last Puri Jagannadh directorial to be remade in Hindi was Pokiri. Will Simmba be Ranveer Singh's Wanted?

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1. Pokiri was an Industry Hit [All Time Blockbuster] which was remade to Hindi as Wanted, making way to a golden run of Salman Khan.

2. Temper was declared HIT at the box office but broke NTR Jr's back to back flops phase as well as slight relief for Puri after back to back flops in the form of Iddarammayilatho & Heart Attack.

3. The script & screenplay of Pokiri was written by Puri Jagannadh himself. Temper was written by Vakkantham Vamsi.

Pokiri ran for 1000 days .
Pokkiri Tamil remake ran for 200 days celebrating silver Jubilee.
Porki Kannada remake ran for 100 days & a continued run till 18 weeks.

Temper also completed 100 days run.
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Does Industry Hit mean ATBB or ATG?


All time grosser = All time blockbuster as far as Tollywood goes.

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very possible.

Ranveer has potential, but so far he only has hits with SLB, so he needs to prove himself quickly.

Rohit knows the Hindi audience and now after G4 is more confident in himself than ever.

Karan is one of the top producers in Bollywood.

so it can happen, and the release date in great, but the first look poster is really bad. everything written on that poster looks like a parody of Singham.

and it might be too comedic to make that impact for Ranveer.

but in terms of being a big hit for him and putting his career on a new path, Simmba has potential.

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Movie is nothing without the rape case and that over dramatic yet terrific court scene.

Basically rape case is the one that lifts the film putting the much needed emotions to otherwise a routine corrupt bad cop turns corrupt good cop story.

Infact though Singham was simplified, he did add the cop suicide part which was not there in Tamil version. Ofcourse Singham Returns too had it & much serious but nowhere close to Pratibandh. So let's see what Rohit opts for here.

No other choice for Rohit but to make enough changes considering the Hindi dubbed version of Temper keeps getting telecasted on TV channels.


I can kind of see the transition from being an action-comedy to something more serious and emotional. Something like a last 20-30 min of CE. A guy is immature and selfish throughout, then finally at the end he decides to man up and do what's right. That climax of CE did have a ton of impact for me. I can see that being the case with Simmba. Ranveer does his usual over the top stuff, is not a good cop, does not care about anyone. Then some one he cares about is affected in some way, inspiring him to take a stand.


CE climax was a mess as if only south Indian girls are oppressed due to patriarchy. Plus it felt like an after thought.

For Temper, post interval is what takes the film go a new high. If Rohit Shetty messes with the police station scene then I don't know what he'll be making. Even in Singham he kept all 4 key scenes & even added his own style to them.


well, I might have to see the dubbed version of Temper to really see what's special about the movie.

about CE, whether or not only Indian girls are oppressed due to patriarchy, I thought he was making a good point. yes they might have added it pretty late, but it worked for me. what it really represented was Rahul maturing, so...

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The first poster gives a vibe like ranveer is playing a comic inspector whereas in temper daya was ruthless plus ntr acted brilliantly in the movie
Lets see how ranveer acts

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