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I bet this... They are playing with fire...
Just imagine the buzz of Dwarf when Salman Khan songs anD actress song release
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But there is a big difference between Srk in 2007 and Srk in 2017.


Only difference is he has lost some trust of neutral audience.. As far openings of his movies are concerned there is no difference..
In 2000's Salman khan was giving back to back flops.. STILL he was Salman Khan.. His films were affected not his stardom.. He gained trust with Wanted...
Even with semi hits and flops he is Shahrukh Khan.. You have to accept that.. Movie nai chali to ye matlab thori.. Na Chalne ko to Eid release bi nai chal skti


Well Srk situation in the north is bad. He lost the trust badly there. Business wise yes it's of higher concern.

Need bigger hits to gain back the support. Clashes will only hamper that. Kedarnath might not badly hurt but a Rohit Shetty film will.


Rohit shetty movie depends on content and wom of Dwarf.... It will be effected if content and wom is not good

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Well leave them.

In time they will know what it's like to lose. To feel so desperately that they are right, yet to fail all the same.

My advise to team Kedarnath. Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives.

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Man +1 from me you used the dialouge to perfection

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I really wish SRK was coming in a commercial entertainer on that date.
Fir dekhte hum koun aata hai.. This dwarf subject is so much risky... That's why the news of clashes and all...
Anyway 7 kya 20 ke bhi set laga lo... Flop toh koni hai

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well whatever ends up happening, at least they are putting their best foot forward.

the big concern is the director. he is just not cut out for universal filmmaking, at least from what we've seen so far. plus I have read some reports of turmoil from the sets.

anyway, good luck!

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Seven crore? Sorry but isn't that too less :P

by Super-star (169k points)

It's just set.. Its additional than original costs..

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Good for them. Some attention for them at least. They wont clash with SRK, bunch of wannabes.

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Not comproming on quality, isn't it?

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