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Just saw couple of videos.. Srilankan wearing masks.. Sudden declaration..
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Two things

First air qualiry if Delhi is poor and so there was smog in IND SL match in betwee innings which was causing bit of problems for players, specially fast bowlers

Sri Lankan players who clearly were seeing scoreline of India going past 500 yet seeing no sign of declaration took advantage of it, they put on air masks and then started acting like they can't even breath and stuff to force declaration, and then when team india refused to declare, 2 of SL bowlers went off field saying difficulty in playing and then india had no choice but to declare

Suddenly after declaration, SL players were seen laughing as if nothing happened and they came to bat without any masks and other players were chilling in dressing room

So while air quality was kind of pooe, SL players were also acting to take advantage of situation

and one more factor

SL players comes from place where pollution level is much lower then Delhi so it's likwly they were facing more problems then Indian players who are used to these conditions but then again umpires who also comes from other countries were seemingly fine so that's that too.

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Same here. Ashes are so damn good exciting. Commentary is excellent. I am more keen on India vs saf in Jan. watching amla, Kohli, abd will be some treat


@TB... are u falling in the trap of nationalism ? what if lankan players really were rendered incapable of doing hard physical tasks by the extremely high pollution ? as far as the laughing is concerned, even Srk laughed before dying in baazigar.. this is smog not fire.


@Charlie i said it's mixture of both smog + acting

Plus SL did it in first test too, when SL were 7 wickets down and there was still time remainimg, SL players were repeatedly stalling time using various tactics, after every over they keep on going to umpire to stop thr game and at one point physio came to ground to stall time but he wasn't even called lol, and it went to that extent that umpire themselves had tocancel the physio next time he tried to enter the ground to stall time

So it's nothing new, mixture of Smog + Drama


Ou, i didn't knew players throwing up, now i don't think it's a drama, sorry..!!

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This is the sign of the deterioration of the society.. air is the most basic shit for a homie and if they cannot provide this basic right then also iam cool too.. Cause this nigger ain't no *****...

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