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One of my favorites. Last film I danced in theatre (ofcourse to impress a senior girl). It was Maahi Ve song. Things I used to do when I was 15.

I watched it twice in theatre (2nd time was a during re-release. That time Karnataka followed that strict 7 week ban for non-Kannada films & theatres without any choice we're re-screening the same films.) Remember friends mocking me, asking me how I survived the film the 2nd time?

And I had 3 specific reasons. Srk, Preity Zinta & the diary scene.


@Suhas Have you succeed in impressing her ..


Koi Shaq. The only memorable thing I did in my PUC was "dancing". Actually my two stage performances are what reminds my PUC mates about me. Same was the case during engineering but atleast I had lot more to offer than just dancing in engineering days. I meant better personality than the shy introvert immature teenager I was in PUC days where the only time I faced my fears was dancing on stage or else true example for how stage fear ruins you.


Good to hear that ...
btw even i call my PUC days my Golden days as there was a complete change of everything new friends new atmosphere & ofcourse that coming out a disciplined life from High school ...
Degree was all about playing games with friends & tuition classes ..
PG again was fun & memorable due to maturity & responsibilty of facing the outside world after completion of the course ...


Great to know ur memories associated...
This will be always in one of the best of SRK.. I even cried when SRK didn't win best actor for screen awards at Star plus ....
I wish it should have done blockbuster business in India like it did in Overseas

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This movie is so, so good. The story itself is good, but it is elevated a lot by the acting and the music. the title song is my most favourite song ever. the theme music brings tears to my eyes. it just scores in every place.

the funniest scene is where Rohit is getting advice on how to behave from Aman through a phone. both Saif and SRK are on point in that scene.

The role of Aman is a perfect marriage between actor and character. Very rarely do we get to see that. The most recent example for me is Sallu as Sultan.

I have talked with many people who consider this SRK's best performance.

As a kid, this movie, along with Main Hoon Na, made me an ever bigger SRK fan. These movies ensured that no one would ever be able to replace him.

And finally, I somehow stumbled onto some deleted scenes from the movie. I surprised to see that there were many scenes showing the Muslim-Hindu tensions in that community that were cut. here's the link if someone wants to see:

I am also truly grateful that Kareena didn't do Naina's role. Priety was perfect.

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My absolute favourite SRK movie. What days they were, when SRK was such a force in Bollywood. 4.75/5 from my side for the movie.

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Same here 5/5, I actually cried a little at the climax at home but had to hide my emotions :D before my mother could start asking like 1000 questions.(giggle)


Yup. The climax was so good. I wish SRK can such movies again instead of the crap he is making

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Yet to watch it completely along with VZ & CDI ...
my favourite song was Mahi ve & i used to watch whenever it was coming on tv ...

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One of my all time fav movies. Can watch it anytime without getting bored. SRK excels as Aman. I wonder why they don't make movies like this anymore. Missing that SRK.

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My most favorite film, and the love i have even now is you can see that i stopped my friends from coming home when 2months ago i was going to shift to another city, last day what i did?? i watched Kal Ho Naa Ho, it was like ending a journey......friend said 'bhai hm ajatay, saath beth k dekh lein gy' ....n i replied ''maine roo parna hai isliye yeh film ksi k saath na dekhnay ka osool hai'' .......and then i watched it and cried as the love i still have for this film even after watching it around 50times is unmatchable.........its the best entertainment piece i ever saw in my life........remember selling piratedd versions on a meena-baazar we had in our school......remember a guy asking me 'yaaaaaar, suna hai SRK end mein marr jata hai is film mein, KHNH laini hai maine bhi'' ....he talked like as if its a stamp that if SRK dies in the end, it must be a good film

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Hahah great yaara..kahin fsd chor to nai diya ya ye purani baat hai


bhai chora to nhn pkka pkka....chakr lagta ab FSD ka 2,3dfa maheenay mein....Lahore hn, isliye to keh rha tha k ksi din mulaqat hoti jaldi


Lahore main kidhar.....8th tak exams hain us ke baad done kisi din... Welcome to Lahore.. Lahore main job ya parhai.. Kisi din movie hi dekh lete hain..


bhai yeh website meray office k computer par ab khulti py comment enter nhn hota....kuch changes ki hain shayad website par

haan, Ichra mein hostel.....filhaal to call center ki job kr rha hn, saath aik fankaari ki try hai...aaj FSD aya hn.......miltay ksi din In Sha Allah....Arth na dekhnay chalein patriotic Shaan ko apna patriotism saabit krnay k liye :D

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whats there to celebrate other than pinnacle of overacting achieved in 21st century....?!?!!?

everything same..... to same like his previous movies .... every darn thing

haklana ,
unlimited paseena even in coldest environment ,
and then dying in the end...

90% of srk's filmography

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hahah...teri he kammi thi idhar

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