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IMO this is a fantastic movie.One of my fav SRK films.I'd say it's the best after MNIK this decade.

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Not exactly a great movie. But SRK was so so good. No starry airs. Just underplayed himself and slipped in the background....most people accuse him of overacting which is totally untrue. He is a tremendous actor...hope he does further justice to his immense potential.

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" most people accuse him of overacting which is totally untrue " ....iske baare mein aur Kuch bhi bolna chahenge?

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Watching this movie I felt like the old SRK was there after a long time. This decade I have felt that in JTHJ (as the major) and in DZ.

Its overall a good and entertaining movie. Songs are decent. The life "lessons" are not that special or elaborate but good nonetheless.

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