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Hrithik Roshan performance is award worthy and I hope he gets it. I didn't like SRK in Raees but then again I wouldn't be surprised if he got an award


haven't seen Kaabil yet so can't tell........hearing many good words abt Hrithik's

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That scene where HR is crying while also trying to voice the character is very strong. It won't be topped this year.

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What about SRK scene after killing Jairaj and at climax


Those were good @haider, but the way hr acted his heart out.....never felt he is acting. Felt like a blind man.


That was good, but HR's scene was better. Olus overall performance of SRK was disappointing for me.

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Hrithik Roshan will bag all best actor award this year. No competition and if he doesn't win it this year then award function will become joke and will be heavily criticized. No competition this year and easily it is Hrithik who deserves best actor award. I am sure about filmfare as they tries to be fair.

by Production Accountant (27.5k points)

Really, trying to be fare?

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srk in raees is probably the worst portrayal of these gangster/underworld characters ... in modern times...among all experienced stars.... like salman khan in wanted, amitab in sarkar, ajay in OUATIM, aamir khan in dangal , hrithik roshan in agneepath...... so its very disappoiting to see .... his portrayal of such character being coincided with words like award worthy performance....

you are one of the most naivest fans of srk... according to whom srk's shit would smell like lavender .... !!

by Super-star (198k points)

Mind ur language... How is Aamir Khan in Dangal a gangster...... Are u in your senses....
Well I liked his performance.. It had good shades of a positive and negative character any problem.... Srk as Raees is appreciated even by critics and cinegoers.. Screenplay of Raees was the main issue.. Just check the reviews and give me 1 negative review of SRK performance... Salman Khan fans will talk about acting and performances.. Go Get a life

Who's better in Action, Comedy and Romance:-Shahrukh or Salman Khan?
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SRK was good. HR was outstanding. Easily the best performance of the year by a leading actor.

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I have already said this year choice for best actor is very simple. It is Hrithik Roshan and trust me no one is even close. It will be easy victory and all awards will be awarded to Hrithik.

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just because hritik roshan was blind it was great acting.... if u cut one more organ it would be Oscar worthy performance.... lol. human psychology..... compare to raees it was just average... everyone praised srk s character from 1 St day itself. but it became average acting with not so good performance of movie... that's what happening as usual. lol... first they praise like hell, then say good, average after bad performance of movie. check all review post of srks movie and check their comments on acting later.... hahahaha

by Producer (115k points)

So that's your logic? You're trying to say that anyone who plays a role of a blind person can be considered great acting? Not everyone in this industry is capable of playing these type of characters. Hrithik did with this role with perfection and even if a B grade actor had done his part then the performance wouldn't have not been praised.

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SRK easily the better.............................................................

by Unit Manager (31.2k points)

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