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Crazy records
Even DDLJ 23 crores will be very hard or impossible to beat
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Well release pattern was such only. HAHK had initial release in 30 cinemas only with most in Mumbai Circuit. So more the screens lesser the run.

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It was crazy. My parents tell me of the craze this film had. Surprisingly ask any family and they will say HAHK is the best of the 90's. The youth are more in favour of DDLJ

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Maybe that's bcoz in 90's it was cup of tea of every town.. A small city will in 90's will prefer a sanskari film.. Than a Rich spoiled brat suddenly turning good for love.. Only thing I hate about HAHK man tooo many songs.....If today released seeing 2017..DDLj Anyday work more


Haider if released today HAHK will do 250cr worst case scenario. Purely because of Salman. Same case for DDLJ. 250cr easily.

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LMAO! Some Aamir fans are talking about Salman’s 90's movies opening and questioning his stardom. Let's have a comparasion.....

1+cr opener :
Salman - 3 movies
Aamir - only 1 movie

75 lakhs opener :
Salman - 10 movies
Aamir - only 4 movies

Record opener :
Salman - 2
Aamir - 0 (lol)...
Now everything is Dhoodh ka Dhoodh aur Paani ka Paani...

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Usually Happens With Female-Centric Movies. Low Opening Because Of Lack Of Starpower & Then Steadily Growing With The Help Of WOM.

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So you accepted that hum aapke hain koun movie is best word of mouth since 1994.


So it's usual for films to earn 60cr post 11th week irrespective of gender. Wow! the wait continues for a sensible answer in non-Aamir post.


Alas! Only If You Guys Could Understand The Context.


@Rajat seems u could not understand the context of the question...

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And today, it won't do 60 cr even post day 1......

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