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Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan before Saajan

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Out of 36 movies Sanjay Dutt starred in before Saajan, three were clean hits (Vidhaata, Naam and Thanedar) and 6 successful movies.
Salman Khan had 7 movies(including BHTA) and two (2) were clean hits (Maine Pyar Kiya and Sanambewafa) and 2 successful movies.
Source Link: BOI old
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It's foolish to make such post due to some Bhai haters blabbering. Saajan was all about Salman. It's about the Casanova Salman, loverboy Salman, Maa-Baap ka laadla Salman, lovely younger brother and friend Salman and the big hearted Salman. While Sanjay Dutt had only one angle in the movie...A langda poet who loves Madhuri and wanted to sacrifice her for Salman. Ab bolo Saajan kiski jyada hui?

by Assistant Director (49.1k points)
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Nothing like finding anything...that's absolutely true. Watch the film again for confirmation.


on paper, yes, thats where i agree


Yup... Just like Mohabbateien, K3G, KHNH etc are Srk films on paper.


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Think whatever to console urself, truth is dat salman was a sidekick in saajan, jst a supporting character.....

by Unit Manager (39.7k points)

More scenes, songs and supporting???


Songs don't matter, it's the impact of the role dat in mohabbatein, uday chopra features in more songs than srk, doesn't mean the film belongs to him......saajan also was all about sanjay-madhuri love story(they were dating in real life as well, dat must hv given hype to the film), salman was only a filler in the story.....


And u r a salman fan, so it is hard for u to accept dat salman survived the 90's by being a sponger......most of the decade was full of multistarrers, 2nd lead, supporting roles, heroine oriented......

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SAAJAN belong to SANJAY DUTT.... SANJAY kii Sadak bhi HIT thi... But I can't understand why are u comparing with BHOI KAHI ye to nhi soch rhe wo movie BHOI ke wjah se chli thi?
Hadd hai Bhai aaj Kal ke fans ghus ghus krr kuch na kuch apne actor ke liye nikalte rhte hai...
Salman kii SB bhi 1991 me aayi thi SUPER HIT thi fir bhi ussi Saal SANJAY DUTT kii SADAK movie se niche thi socho...
Aapne SOURCE OLD BOI likha hai naa?
Yaha taak 1992 aur 1993 Ka NO. 1 star SANJAY DUTT he the Yaad hai naa old BOI? Salman good year was 1998-1999 only Okk...
Kyu nhi smjhte Bhai log 20th CENTURY Multistarrer ka jamana tha uss waqt sirf aur sirf SOLO LEAD Aur ACTOR ka popularity dekha jaata tha... Even RISHI KAPOOR has many 3cr FOOTFALLS movies like BOBBY, AAA, NASEEB, COOLIE Lekin tmhae ache se pata Hona chahiye kii Isme se RISHI kii SOLO HERO movie sirf aur sirf BOBBY thi... Jbki AAA NASEEB COOLIE pata hona chahiye kiske wjah se chli thi? Fir bhi jab OVERALL kii baat aaygi to AAA NASEEB COOLIE ko add krna pdga log Yahi so sochenge kii RISHI bhut bade star THE 70s 80s ke.

by Casting Director (17.6k points)

I give plain statistics, nothing more


Yes I am also saying SAAJAN is Bcoz of SANJAY DUTT that's why he got good points and Got RANK 1 in 1992 1993 check TOP ACTORS on old BOI DUTT was No. 1 in 1992 1993

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Still Saajan Is, However Little, Remembered As Sanjay & Madhuri's Movie.
And Why Didn't You Mention About Salman's Infamous Disastrous Streak Post Saajan Which Lasted Till HAHK, Another Madhuri Starrer? LOL!

by Unit Manager (36.4k points)

Why Can't Any One Name Hits Of Salman Between Saajan & HAHK, Both Of Which Centralized On Madhuri?


Saajan - 1991 & HAHK - 1994. Only 2 years gap.

Why can't anyone name a single hot of ace Khan between Dil (1990) and Rangeela (1995)???


Salman Fans Copying Aamir Fans Just Like How Salman Decided To Copy Aamir's Idea Of Remaking A South Indian Movie To Revive His Career. LOL!
And Of Course I Can Tell Aamir's Hits Between Dil & Rangeela. You Could Have Asked It Earlier.
DHKMN, JJWS & HHRPK Released Between Dil & Rangeela Which Were Hits.
Now The Question Remains,
Name Hits Of Salman Between Saajan & HAHK, Both Of Which Centralized On Madhuri?


Nice try....but
DHKMN - Average
JJWS - Average
HHRPK - Average.
Apne manipulative verdicts kahi aur chipkao munna


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