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Check out SPYDER lifetime final worldwide collection. A Huge Double Disaster [ABO].

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Fake numbers... Tamil Nadu gross was well above 17 crores and definitely Ap/Ts gross would be more.. ABOs negative act towards Spyder right from release day is well known... Sure its a disaster movie but WW gross is definitely 100+crores.


[email protected] ...don't post this kachra Abo numbers here...
Mafia in Tollywood has reached it's new levels..

This bug abo is a part of it now...


Yeah these star and caste bias n stupidity is going worse among telugu trade.

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Man this is shocking
Couldn'teven cross 50cr share and 100cr gross
I was so excited for spyder but right from the first promo i knew they had messed it up
The problem is that mahesh gives free hand to directors and the start experimenting
Hopefully he will come back with BAN
all hopes on kortala shiva now

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I like how they award verdicts Double Disaster.. worsens the blow

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