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Wrong data ke basis pe itani lambi commentary likh di hai. No they have accepted that PK footfalls were more than 3.5 Crore that what would be 3 idiots footfalls ?

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The footfalls of PK will stay below 3 Idiots though have gone past Dhoom 3 in the fourth weekend. 3 idiots had footfalls of 2.8 crore plus in 2009 while Dhoom 3 was 2.55 crore plus last year. PK will finish somewhere in the middle of the two.

It seems that having more than 3 crore ticket sold is a tough ask while 4 crore looks an impossible task. PK had a huge average ticket rate in the first week of 207 at multiplexes in the first week while second week came down to 181 and third week is down to the normal 155. The footfalls in two weeks were around 2.2 crore and in three weeks it has similar footfalls to Dhoom 3.

In two weeks PK had recorded the same number of footfalls achieved by Ek Tha Tiger but that had nett business of 186 crore while PK in two weeks grossed 277 crore nett. A difference of 90 crore nett in collections but same amount of tickets sold. There will be a huge difference in the average multiplex ticket with Ek Tha Tiger being at 150 and PK heading for 195. The ratio of single screen business is also less for PK. The festive period and the content working meant ticket rates could be kept at higher levels for longer. It was on the third Monday that they were at regular rates. The gap in business between the festive event films and other major releases will get wider as ticket rates can be pushed higher for the festive releases be it for three days, a week or even longer when content is there like PK.

Still put into perspective, a Hum Aapke Hain Kaun would be grossing 650 crore nett on the ticket rates at P.K. Just like North America where the biggest recent hits like Avatar or The Avengers compare badly with the biggest hits ever like Gone With The Wind and Star Wars, its a similar story in India.

Note - The 650 crore nett of Hum Aapke Hain Kaun is not the adjusted nett gross of the film. It is the adjusted figure on the ticket rates of P.K. The average ticket rate for 2014 will be much lower than the rate of P.K. 

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Tumne bola ki ek hi site pe collection correct and footfall wrong kaise ho sakte ... and I've proved it.

BOI have many time changed footfalls and no one else tracks footfalls so footfalls number can't be trusted.

That is why whole industry follow Net collection to determine biggest movie


They have also changed collections many times. Then collections kaise sahi ho sakta hai? Thoda explain karo.

And abhitak aapne dusre sites ke naam nhi bataya jo fake nhi hai.


Addatoday, bollyarena also track Net collections.

If BOI also changes Net collection for movie quite frequently then people will not believe their numbers also, that is not how credibility is built.

Taran aadarh , komal nahta initially give producer number but later change it ... that is why
people don't trust them much.


Lol....BollyArena follows BOI figures. They confirm it many times. They operate their site from Dubai and don't have any source to track figures.

Addatoday admin is from Guwahati, Assam and they hardly have any connection to track collections and ff.

Naam lena hi tha toh koi dhang ka lete...but arena and!

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Hahaha BOI & their homemade FFs theories ohhh it's Aamir movies ok devide it's business in 75:25 ratio (multiplex:single screens)..
Ok let's take the highest ATP for multiplex & single screens me bhi high tickets pe chali hogi ...
Ok calculation done...
Shit ye to mere favourite stars ki films se jyada ho Gaya , ok thodha yaha Kam karte hai thodha idhar se bhi...
Phir bhi jyada hai ...
Kya kare Kya kare...
Ok final ffs 5% less hai apne favourite se calculation baad me Kar Lenge..

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This BOI footfalls cant be fully trusted sometimes they say dangal footfalls 3.69 once they said its 20 lakh more than BB ie 3.74 today they said its 3.71.
High chances can be there that dhoom 3 would have crossed 3 cr FF but they show it missed by a whisker.
Also P.k. and 3 idiots FF may be still under reported just like Dangal.

by Executive Producer (63.3k points)

Bajrangi Bhaijaan footfalls is 3.54cr so...


Yes BB ff is 3.54cr
In one of articles BOI said Dangal has 20 lakh more ff than BB


I read that article. That was actually a 'tone' rather than exact figures.


Yes this can be the case
But in today's article they mentioned the exact figures i.e 3.71 cr

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BOI declares a film ATG and gives ATBB Verdict.
They : wow! Wow! Ace has delivered ATG. Ace, God and legend Roxxx.

BOI calls any other film or star greater than ace film or ace.
They : m/c, b/c, Chaplus, Fake, Gaddar, panty, bra, adrak, lahsun etc.

Abe chameleon-on ya toh BOI ko fake mano ya fir sahi. Apne faayde ke hisab se colour kyu change karte ho? Agar BOI ka ff wrong hai toh fir verdicts and collections kaise sahi hai?... #Height of Double Standards!!

by Assistant Director (49.1k points)

Itna to baat sahi hai kii AAMIR kii FF Kbhi jyada nhi hote Prr TP 7-10 din taak jyada rhte hai Iss wjah se BOI bhi or prshan rhta hai kii FF Kitna hai kbhi 2.50cr ke niche dega kbhi upar aur kbhi direct 3.50cr krr dega....
Isme prshan kii Kya baat hai Jitna FF hai de do thoda Popularity he girega BOI ka aur Kya hoga jyada se jyada Kab taak CHAATOGE bade star kii


Itne negative votes koun de rahe hai yaar!

@vivek rai
Aasaan bhasha me jhamjao bhratashri.

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Salman aur AAMIR kii 5-6 saal aur chaatega BOI kyuki abhi Bade star hai naa... Even BOI ke paas 60s taak ka data hai prr nhi dalega kyuki phle ka FOOTFALLS aur HIT S jyada hai actors ke uss hisab se Salman AAMIR niche aa jynge aur STAR ranking me to ye dono kbhi TOP prr nhi honge islie BOI apna data nhi de rha usse bhi pata hai kii dene laga to AAMIR SALMAN fans BOI ko ignore krr denge islie TRAFFIC ke liye 5-6 saal aur chart lo Uske baad Pura data dena.

by Casting Director (17.6k points)
0 aur BOI. CO. IN.... Ko chaat gya hu... Maths kii trah itna calculation ke baad dimaag me dhire dhire ghusta hai kii ye baat hai.

0 toh Srk ka PR site h...sabko pata h including industry insiders.

Yes BOI is the perfect one. But what can we do? Ab baba Gurmeet, Red Chillies and Filmkraft calculators ko toh blindly trust nhi kar sakte naa!


BOI.COM bhi ab wahi se data de rha hai BOI. CO. IN


Actually in previous comment I meant "yes BOI isn't the perfect one. But what can we do"..... Not naa likhne ke wajah se meaning Ulta ho gaya.

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And Then Came Rentrak Who Revealed PK's Footfalls To Be Over 35Million.
Suddenly BOI Decided To Change HAHK Footfalls Just To Save Their Poster Boy Salman's *** Because They Had Known By That Time That If Aamir Can Pull A 3.5Crore In 2014 Then What's The Big Deal To Cross 4.6Crore Then-Footfalls Of HAHK? 4.6Crore To 7.3Crore, Forcing Them To Change Their Entire Database. LOL!
And Now When DANGAL Pulled $ 180Million Out Of China, What Did They Do? Removed That Giving Excuse Of "Only Hindi" Version Reason. Actual Reason Was Well Known. Their Poster Boys Were In No Position To Touch DANGAL!

by Unit Manager (36.4k points)

If HAHK footfalls is 4.6 crores then Raja Hindustani’s footfalls is 2.8 crores.


It Isn't About Which One Is Bigger Hit. Question Mark Is On The Authenticity.

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