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1) Is Padmavati reality or fiction... I was media channels and anchors said to karni people prove its existence
2) Has it been first time movie has postponed owing to external pressures..
3) Why didn't CBFC censor  the movie
4) SLB should have held private screening before the issue heated that much.. OR is doing PR and muft ki promotions.. Everyone knows about Movie and more audience will want to see to end their courosity over this issue
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  1. Padmavati is based on a poem. Nobody can completely claim it to be fictional or even real. Especially when you see history is modified according to one's convenience.

  2. No. It has happened before. But most I know were either rejected by cbfc or were attacked post cbfc clearance.

  3. May be orders from the ruling govt or other powerful groups (not those senas). Returning the application form is not that regular or acceptable. Cbfc is strict nowadays but it still prefers on first come first serve. They'll certify what is on the print copy, not what's not in the application form.

  4. Well makers didn't think this through. Without certification you can't exhibit your film. For Padmavati, showing to close friends is a waste of time & showing it to senas is a big defeat. But instead of getting certified, makers showed the film illegally to the media people which again was nothing but stupidity. Slb thought the publicity will work but has bit him back hard.


It was an excellent explanation.. I got my answers

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1) Padmavati and all that issue was during 1303-1310 period (not sure exact year). After 200-300 yrs her first name was mentioned by one poet Malik Muhammad Jayasi through a poem . Some say its just an imaginary thing by the Poet, and some say NO she was real.

2) Don't know if movie postponed by external pressures before too or not.

3) Some say that there were too many movies for CBFC to censor so wont happen soon for Padmavati.
Some say due to political pressure they arent taking the film by delaying with some reasons.
Some say CBFC members were pissedof by SLB as he showed the film to few anchors even before CBFC team, so they are delaying.

4) It can be like, If I (SLB) show the movie to Rajputs then the controversy will die down which actually helped alot for the movie for initials. So that can also be the reason ki i wont show despite I (SLB) know there isnt anything wrong in the film.

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