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Atleast in the forum.... Both have given huge blockbusters.. Their fan following is huge.. Its high time we need to stop childish acts.. Stop provoking each other fab base
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this is what I have said before. these losers from Facebook and Twitter come on the forum and treat it just like any other social media site, only trying to get fights going. the only reason I engage is that other users, who have been here much longer than me, engage with those people and encourage them. example: the Sallu fans who were getting boners when Vectus was insulting SRK. You can only stay quiet for so long.

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Yeh toh shradhha ka vishay hai.. jitna do utna kam.... jitna do utna kam....

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Haider....r u not an Old User of this Forum????!!!!!!

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Yes..... I know it's not gonna change.. Atleast we can try

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There are people who do not have even 10℅ understanding about box-office and movie business but are champions in making their own theory about film business. So called trade pundits. Wtf judging superstar on the basis of solo starrer or multistarer. Why did his favourite superstar failed to give big openings if he was already a superstar ?

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lol look who is talking.. :D


Kaun ? Who is talking ?

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