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If we consider Antim as not Salman's lead movie then we need to go 3.5 yrs when Dabangg 3 released in Dec 2019. In between he had Radhe but that was OTT release.

Can audience come in big numbers for KKBKKJ as it's a comeback film of Salman since 3.5 yrs in theatre.
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At max. I am expecting 25cr on non holiday. Even if its open to excellent collection that will miracle for the film. I just checked Dabbang 3 opening day collection. It was 25cr. So this one won't even open to that.

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The film will take a big ooening considering its a salman khan movie,but remember that the audience now dont like south remakes so we will not know for sure about lifetine but it will take abig opening, Pathaan is out of reach for now. Its eid so the movie will ooen big, i guess around 105 cr weekend after that the content will decide.
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For him to make a comeback he has to go somewhere. And truly speaking, for general audience he was all the time present.Bhaijaan Looks like a bad film to me . Lifetime will be below 75cr is my prediction. 
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A bumper opening i doubt. With Eid and Salman a good opening is safe.

And it's not a come back for Salman, we have to take out from the equation the 2 years of covid.
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According to Salman fans, teaser was incredible, Naiyo Ladha is biggest romantic charbuster and Billi Billi is a certified banger.

Plus it is Salman Khan on Eid in an Action Comedy Family Masala Entertainer.
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I would want to know the budget of the movie. Looks like some 20-30 cries invested in total for the movie. It will surprise by giving unexpectedly low opening.

For Salman, Tiger 3 will do wonders.
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