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Singers: Kamaal Khan & Palak Muchhal
Music: Himesh Reshammiya
Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed
Guitar: Deepak Sinha
Mixed & Mastered: Salman Shaikh at HR Musik Studio
Music Video Director: Mihir Gulati
Choreographer: Shabina Khan
Edited by: Hitesh Chandwani

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Seriously man. Bhai should stop doing films produced by himself and his family. This whole movie looks Outdated. Though boxoffice is unpredictable, I still feel that this movie should be released directly on OTT for makers to save themselves from embarrassment, as movie will open to very low collections. It won't even get an opening, it might collect even lesser then Race 3.

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Might hurt Tiger 3 a bit too if the movie turns out to be as worse as the response its getting at the moment.
Negativity is created from expectation.  Good thing is that it won't be hyped enough to get enough footfalls for even a good opening. And Tiger 3 is set to be huge due to his appearances in Pathaan and its a well established franchise.
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Salman doing lunges in songs is a direct tribute to all gym goers, always an inspiration, Bhai.

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Outdated and boring song. Its all about damage control with this movie now. Salman should have postponed this to diwali.

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It's the new " Ek baar baibie sellfish hoke apne liye jio na"laugh

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Hello Runkle Sahab, how are you? :)
Hi Zin. I'm fine Bhai. Good to see forum alive again
I didn't want the forum to be dead during Emraan's release. I had to bring it back.
Haha..now it's my duty to spam this forum with selfiee related posts ;)
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Sallu will only be a bit back with Tiger 3, and this movie is going to destroy a bit of his fan's trust and will be a negative factor against Tiger 3.
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