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Dangal Movie(Not Trailer) -- Around 300 Million views on China Social platforms

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Congratulations to Aamir and Aamirians....


Not sure if the "240 Million" they are referring to on the video player are for views. I'm talking about VQQ here. For me it translates to "240 Million more albums to play" and not views. The page also shows how many users are watching at the moment, which was like 20-30.

I have never used the site so I could be wrong.

But, there are other videos which has like 400+ Mil views featured on the homepage so its only realistic for a movie that was such a hit to get that amount of views.


240 Million Remains Same For Every Video In The Dangal Playlist. However The Views Can Be Seen At The Right Side Window Where Original Soundrack i.e. Hindi Version Has Around 100Million Views Mandarin Version Has Over 35Million Views.


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Aamir popularity in China is on different level , hope secret Superstar also get a good release with awareness in China ...
Potential wise China is almost twice of rest Overseas markets combined business...

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300 million views for movie ??? God gracious !!!

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