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Mersal 12 days worldwide collections - ABO

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As usual ABO has failed with figures from Kerala,TN and overseas and has reported 10-12crores less for the movie

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Haven't watched the movie, but hearing good things about it.
Must say the controversy boosted it's collection.
So vijay is the 2nd Tamil actor after Rajni to cross 100cr gross in tamilnadu, bb2 was dub movie.
I think it will cross bb2 collection in tamilnadu to emerge the biggest grosser in tamilnadu.
So as of now vijay>>Ajith (according to current standing in the industry)

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Enthiran actual gross in TN is 95cr and Mersal is 2nd after BB2.
Controversy boosted its collections only in ROI, rest all territories it performed only to the potential and by the festive season.
Regarding comparison with Ajith, from a long time, Vijay is the clear next to Rajini in stardom and boxoffice and way ahead of Ajith, the only thing is Ajith can only compete with Vijay in TN alone and that too trail him even with Vijay facing all the political obstacles and conspiracies ahead of his movie release in his own state,even with these factors making a vijay movie release with limitations and hindrance Ajith only trails him.. Rest in Kerala Ajith isnt even 1/4th of Vijays, overseas Vijays best is 71cr and counting while Ajiths best is 38+cr,in Karnataka too Vijay is ahead..

To be honest only the hindrances via TN politics for a vijay movie makes ajith compete with him amd that too only in TN

In no way Ajith is even close to Vijay while Vijay is giving deadly competition to Rajini.

Rajini himself is ahead of Vijay only in Malaysia aand USA among overseas markets while Vijay keeps the rest as his forts.. Thats massive

Even in TN with equal amount of screens and given a comoletely smooth release, Vijay movie would break any Rajini record.

In kerala Rajini is only behind Vijay

What more, Enthiran with shankar has 15+million overseas gross while Mersal has already done 11.1 million and counting which shows it. A movie for Vijay with shankar and the it will be amswered.


@Roman Bahubali 2 was not a dubbed movie. It was shot in Telugu & Tamil. Only dubbed to Hindi & Malayalam.

Further, Mersal is not a good film. Whenever you watch it, just keep your expectations low.


@shajandeepu,yes vijay's all movies faces political conspiracies, still he is giving opening in the range of Ajith in tamilnadu, in Kerala he is the biggest even bigger than Rajni.
He is undoubtedly the 2nd biggest Tamil Superstar.
OK I thought enthiran has grossed 100+ in tamilnadu.
Absolutely agree with you, vijay can break every records of Tamil industry with Shankar as a director.
When vikram is giving 200cr with Shankar, vijay will easily give a 350+ grosser with Shankar.
@Suhas,ohoo that means vijay's Stardom & festive season is doing the trick here.
Everyone is praising the movie,so I thought.....
Ok so expecting a OK OK type entertainer atleast.
Hmm you are right bb2 was shot in Tamil also.


Yes bro, the movie is just a one time watchable..but the message intended ia just fab


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