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20 years of one of the best movies of SRK, "Dil To Pagal Hai". Your views about this film.

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One of the films of Srk to have great songs.

One of the weakest films to be directed by Yash Chopra.

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I saw it recently and liked it quite a bit.

My problem with this movie is the same as with JTHJ, is goes on and on about the one true love, yet I like the second female lead better and her chemistry with SRK is better too. I also wasn't too fond of the ending. But it's a good movie with good performances, good characters, and great songs.

I definitely wish Karishma and SRK had done a proper movie together as leads.

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The movie which changed people's view in filmfare awards

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No where for me...this Movie can be termed as one of Best SRK's Movie..just cz it was a record grosser..doesn't make it a BEST 1...even a PARDES or a KABHI HAA KABHI NA is better product than this to my observation... it was just a Gud Movie dat too of dat today's tym it just passable.... But Yes MUSIC by Uttam Singh was just fantabulous.

The Movie was also way below than the "The Yash Chopra standard" whose record was eventually broken by the same Director-Actor duo wit their Crappiest Product "JTHJ"....atleast DTPH had Superb Performance, Gud Direction nd excellent Music....JTHJ had pathetic Music, 3rd class Story nd avg was just saved by Samar nd Akira.

Btw...after DTPH.... Yash Chopra gave to the World wat can be termed as "THE GREATEST ROMANTIC MOVIE" of all Tym

The one and only "VEER- ZAARA"

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I agree. Vz is miles ahead of dtph

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Dil toh pagal hai is my only favorite movie of srk its music and story was the main reason that I liked it most even music was one of the best in 90s

by Unit Manager (37.1k points)
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One of the worst movie .... pathetic...

Only Good things are music and song's.....

And another worst thing was that it swept all fake fare

by Executive Producer (63.7k points)
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Very average movie content wise. For me one of the weaker films of yash chopra's career. Music was all time best and SRK had undeniable charm and intensity back then.

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Liked this movie ,romantic movie but no boring moment.Music superb.

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