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Lowest opening day - Aamir Khan starrer (bottom 2).

Lowest opening weekend - Aamir Khan starrer.

Lowest first week - Aamir Khan starrer.

Lowest lifetime - Aamir Khan starrer.

Lowest footfalls - Aamir Khan starrer (bottom 2).
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Khans are the biggest because of their success, All actors give flops, but it's the success count of them which make them huge.
One Tubelight/jhms/SS doesn't change the fate.
But obviously some guys were in urgent need of reality check which the collection of SS gave.

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I mean to say some Aamir fans were high on weed, collection of SS has brought them to ground, but that doesn't change the fact that Aamir is among top2 stars in the industry, SS was a excellent movie surprised that it is going to be a flop.


In 3 idiots, Sharman and Madhavan had more screen time than Aamir's. Fir usko bhi Aamir ka cameo declare kar do naa...


Aamir dominated 3 idiots throught out.... In that Way Salman was a supporting role in Bajarangi..


Agree that Aamir was the dominant force of 3 idiots... But unfortunately your lower screen presence logic makes it non Aamir film.... I'm saying again that the logic is urs not mine.

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Galti se spelling mistake hogaya... its not aamir khan its shah rukh khan with movie jhms..

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Increase ur GK... Veer isn't the lowest grosser among Khans.


congrats thunder u have won over me.... khushi manao nacho gao maaze karo... kya pata agae aise sunhere muake phir na mile... :D..


Well if he can say JHMS then i can say Veer :D :D

So I'm not the one you should ask to increase GK :P :P


Aap thoda aur pichhe jao aur MPK ka naam lo...(rofl)

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Well if you are talking about cameo then it's ok because that is the only way Salman can complete with Aamir khan...
In commercial release comparison lowest opening day , weekend, week , lifetime belong to veer...
Biggest overseas failure which is obviously Salman khan starrer...
Biggest failure for distributor are Fusslight, Jai ho was also a top contenders...

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IF we consider for whole career ... where Marigold would be ?

by Production Designer (12.0k points)

Maine kab bola ki Jhanda gaad diya hai... U were manipulating fact and I just corrected that.

"nett too"... Konsi duniya me rehte ho yaar? Ma-ya Mem-saab collected only 26 lakh nett. Kabhi toh bina red Chillies calculator ke bina moonh dikhaya karo.


Lowest ff maybe belongs to Salman Khan... But the highest ff also belongs to Salman. How can you forget that?

Also diffence between Salman and other two Khans lowest ff isn't more than 1lakh. But difference between other two Khans and Salman's highest ff is more 250 lakhs... Feel the difference and feel the magnitude of Megastar SALMAN KHAN.


Then you should also tell that in this decade highest footfall also belongs to Aamir khan


Absulotely... How can I deny that? I have never denied facts and statistics unlike red Chillies calculator users.

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Zaira Wasim movie with a big clash with 20 min cameo which recovered money is celebrated.

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Veer adjusted nett 68 crores in 2016

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How many clean hits did Aamir have before update?


Before that BOI , we have ibos where Aamir have many successful/hits with BOI taking over most of the data changed..
But with IBOS/BOI previous data one thing was same Gadar FFs > HAHK FFs..


And Maine Pyar Kiya was hgoat in indicine,Ibos ?


MPK was always a hgoty but it was never a ATG in IBOS/BOI...
Better not to talk about inducible because their existence was only from last 10 year or so..

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Without Free Week AMIR Khan Modern Tushar Kapoor
Baahubali 2 Same Dangal Review
Bajrangi Bhaijaan Same Review Like PK
Footfall 3.55 cr With Baahubali
If Padmavati Review Same Like Dangal
Ranbir Singh Easy Task Beat China Fake Collection Kinh

by Camera Operator (9.8k points)

Lol he was quite silent seriously he is on roll when comes to spread negativity against Aamir since Dangal cross sultan lifetime in 2 weeks..


Well, I haven't seen him making many anti Aamir posts from June to October.


Actually, before dangal he used to like Aamir infact he had 0 hate post against Aamir, things changed after Dangal..


Maybe u r right.... I wasn't much active b4 Dangal release.

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