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taran adarsh  
#SecretSuperstar screen count... India: 1750 Overseas: 1090 Worldwide total: 2840 screens
1:21 AM - 20 Oct 2017

taran adarsh  
#GolmaalAgain screen count... India: 3500+ Overseas: 732 - widest release ever for #Golmaal franchise Worldwide total: 4232+ screens
1:21 AM - 20 Oct 2017
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Huge number of screens.....And opening day collections - humongous 4.7cr....#Power of Ace Khan!

by Assistant Director (49.1k points)
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Same guy in a lead role gave 29cr last year without attendjng any tv shows.
Here he has mere 20min role. Zaira is the center character. Keeping haters aside u should watch ss. It's a gem.


Where was this 20 minutes cameo logic during chanting Aamir's presence will ensure huge collections in India, China, turkey, Somalia and Uganda??

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A deserving increase in screen share by golmal.

by Star (151k points)
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It's not 50:50 Obviously.............

by Producer (107k points)

50:50 was in PVR & INOX across India. Ofcourse if occupancy falters then shows will be allotted to Golmaal Again.

Hope Secret Superstar comes back strong in the weekend to justify the deal.

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SS Overseas screens more than GA?

by Production Accountant (23.5k points)

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