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1.Don't plagarize the content of your review.

2.It's not necessary to post a long review. Short ones are welcome as well.

3.Rate the film(preferably out of 10)

4.Try keeping the review spoiler proof. If your review contains any spoiler, please warn regarding that in the start of the review.

5.Entries violating the above rule will be trimmed or hidden, depending on case. Try mentioning the day and time, when you watched the film. If possible mention the occupancy of hall also.
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Man, I was hoping for TheRock to show up. I've kept sending him messages but he hasn't responded and not even active on here. His reviews were GOLD and very funny person as well.


Cant answer on my post. So will comment. Golmaal 4: 1.5/5


I haven't seen the film and can't be bothered to go the cinemas. Just wanted TheRock to show up on here with his review but it's a pity that he's left.


Yes his reviews....the way he bashes the film no one can. :D

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Just finished watching, sexy Baliye video with end credits..
Short review - Woaaaaah 4.5/5 .
A notch below spectacular.

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Secret superstar is a masterpiece. Zaira another national award.
Ace sir thank u

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I agree wid u... Zaira is greatest.


Any hater will agree with that. I mean it's difficult to get her out of my mind . She is that good.

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Saw both movies on *** today.

There is absolutely nothing in Golmaal again, It will not even in top 30 comedies of bollywood. Don't know how people can laugh on cracking fingers scenes ?

Secret Superstar was really good but it is very simple movie and most probably people will not be ready to spend money to watch it in theatre.

My ratings

Golmaal : 2/4
Secret Superstar : 4/5

by Production Designer (12.0k points)

I agree. Havent seen SS. Saw G4 today. 1.5/5. Shitty humour. Lame jokes. Only lots of noisy punches and artificial emotions.

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Secret Superstar-Excellent movie, watched yesterday evening show.go with high expectations still you will not be disappointed.
My rating-8.6/10
My prediction-120cr(which is looking impossible now but movie is very good)
Verdict-superhit (again looking impossible now)
Watched in inox bhawani mall, Bhubaneswar 6:15 show

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naam bhi bol deta movie ka


Edited now

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Secret Superstar excellent movie with mixture of emotion , dedication , perfection & innocence...
1st half - very good but more on a serious side.
2nd half - Start with a bang with Shakti Kumarr character with some good comics scene & end with emotional touch in climax.

Performance wise Zaira is superb as Insia & the way she is going you can easily count her best for 2017.
Aamir sir as Shakti Kumarr is excellent his presence make you laugh everytime he come on screens.
All other supporting cast are bang on with their respective roles be it helpless mother or cruel father or loving Chintan..
Rating 8.5/10

Show timing : Miraj Cinema 12.50 pm show
Occupancy 90%
Business rating : 100 Cr may go higher if weekend collection will come higher than 40 Cr.

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why did you post your review ??? does your review even count?!?!?!


Lapadhjhandu the movie is not for launda lapades so yes tere to upper se hi jayega , chal bhag yahan se 100 Cr distributor losses dene wale flop actor ke fan..

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Saw secret superstar...zaira and meher viz both act amazingly....both looks very beautiful...very good movie
My rating 8.5/10

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golmaal again,best entertainer in the franchise.sureshot blockbuster..4.5/5

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Golmaal Again​: 7/10 It was 2009 when I watched my first film in the theatre, and the film was 2012​. There was a massive crowd, long queue of people waiting for their turn to get tickets, tickets prices were doubled up and people were blacking the ticket. It looked like if the whole city has come out to watch the film and I thought watching a film in a theatre is always like this. Since then, 9 years have been passed and I've watched almost 100 films in theatre but that my experience of watching a film in the theatre was never repeated again until tomorrow when I went to watch Golmaal Again. I tell you the crowd literally defined the word 'MADNESS', and I spent three craziest hours of my life in theatre and it was meant to be enjoyed. Suppose what could happen when 500 people yelling, cheering, whistling and clapping so loudly so you can't even listen half of the dialogues of the film. But, this time you don't make a complaint, you be part of their madness, their way of celebration. And, the whole story counts on as why I enjoyed the film very much.

Moving on to the film. It's way better than what it looked from the theatrical trailer. The film defiantly doesn't make sense but I'll be a fool if I even take that 'sense' thing into consideration. It was all down to some funny acts, some fresh punchlines and a reasonably fast-paced story with some Rohit Shetty​'s signature style action sequences. You get all that. The ghost angle worked big time, and every time Nana Patekar scene happened on the screen, we had a laugh riot. It was good to see Prakash Raj in an antagonist role after a long time. Tabu looked young and fresh. Parineeti Chopra​ is charismatic here and is the prime character of the film, she pulled out her role beautifully. Ajay Devgn​ and his old buddies have done a better job than the previous installment.

Well, the film doesn't get everything right their way. For me, climax didn't work, it was completely flat. I wanted it to have more dramatic and flamboyant, but they made a rustic end. Also, there were some same old routine jokes and some sounded forced, that was expected anyway. Ultimately, if you are going to watch it and you know the man Rohit Shetty and what he makes, you won't feel cheated or disappointed. The film stands out to the root of the franchise and can be called second best of the franchise. Rest is assured.

Go Go Golmaal..

by Executive Producer (60.3k points)

I'll watch it weekdays. Already planned.


SS se pehle G4 ? Art group ka naam kharaab Karraha bhai


Even i'm surprised how ankit chose golmal.........


Arre, nhi Bhai.. Asia nhi hai. Actually, mera Paytm wallet mein sirf 85 ₹ the, and I checked all the theatres playing Secret Superstar in my town. None was playing Secret Superstar below ticket price of 150₹. Toh, I had to book ticket of Golmaal Again just paying 70₹. Also, it was a single screen, and it was my first visit to that theatre.

Abhi ghar se paise aayenge toh I'll watch SS this weekend. Bas itti si baat hai. :P

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My Quick Takes

Golmaal Again - I found the jokes funny. All 6 of them.

Positives -
1. Sanjay Mishra & his one liners. Most of them make you laugh.
2. Nana Patekar mimicry.
3. Johnny Lever's Hyderabadi air hostess bit.
4. Couple of gags involving Prakash Raj & ofcourse the Golmaal gang.

Negatives -
1. Unexciting screenplay.
2. Dull execution & also Parineeti Chopra too.
3. Badly predictable.
4. Drags whenever the jokes aren't working which clearly means the film drags a lot.

My Rating - 2/5 [lenient rating just because it had more funny jokes than Golmaal Returns, Golmaal 3 & Chennai Express combined.]

Secret Superstar - very well intentioned film that's definitely a good watch irrespective of it's shortcomings.

Positives -
1. Zaira Wasim & Meher Vij performance. It's their show all the way.
2. The boy playing Chintan.
3. Aamir Khan whenever he's not showcasing too much energy. In fact it was the way character was written, where more than once audience will feel he's overacting. Still amidst all that he emotes perfectly.
4. Terrific first half or to be precise 75mins.
5. The superbly executed airport scene before climax.

Negatives -
1. Becomes unrealistic in second half.
2. Writing lets down the film in second half as it goes on dragging due to predictability.
3. Not even one good song as none are worth remembering. Excellent lyrics, sadly the music didn't do justice to them.
4. Inconsistency in the pace in the second half.

My Rating - 3/5 [in fact 0.5 rating more just for the airport scene.]

by All Time best! (302k points)

That's not how it works. Movie would've been better if second half wasn't too over ambitious & unreal.

Second half goes for a toss opposite to what was shown in first half i.e. realistic portrayal. Till mother asks worried 'you went to Mumbai alone?", the film completely detached itself from realism or to say entire first half. Sure this was done to manipulate but whatever film you mention to compare had a different topic to deal with. Just because the term "underdog" is common doesn't mean all those other films are same.

Secret Superstar had a huge gamble in terms of assumption i.e. every song in the film are so bad, the makers have expected us audience to accept even one of them will make her an internet sensation when in reality those tunes wouldn't have worked anywhere. Despite that audience buy in coz of the realistic portrayal of first half. That was totally ignored in second half.

In case of Bajrangi Bhaijaan, that's a fantasy which one wishes to be true fully knowing it won't be. People will stay divided. But in case of Secret Superstar, it gives a false hopes & moreover false ways to achieve the dream when the reality is opposite. You know you want her to achieve her dream & the problem is you very well know whatever she does in second half will never let her achieve her dream. Bajrangi Bhaijaan blurred the line between fantasy & reality. Secret Superstar didn't, instead it tried to merge fantasy with reality without blurring the line.

And that's the reason the film loses impact.


@Suhas This has got to be the most intelligent explanation I ever read. Kudos to you.


But why all critics have liked Ss more than Bajarangi?. If i remember, bb got good reviews not excellent like Dangal or even secret superstar.
And SS is 8.5 in imdb. Isn't that an indication that people have liked it?.


@kashyap123 .. I guess you're aware of the theatrical reception of Secret Superstar. And do you really think it is getting received like Bajrangi Bhaijaan? Loved is not even an option to be compared opposite BB.

Similarly, 8.5 rating. Good. Why aren't those raters watching the film in theatre? You very well know how ratings work on IMDB. And the drop it has witnessed post weekend, tells you how limited the appreciation is, more towards mixed.

I can tell you, if this film had hit songs then even if the director kept the ordinary second half as it is then also it would've done great in theatres. Secret Superstar just didn't live up to it's true potential of the first half & that's exactly what's getting reflected at the box office or audience word of mouth.

Lastly, be aware of the section of audience who just praise the film just for the sake of it. You can easily identify them. They're never responsible for the film's theatrical outcome.

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Golmaal Again is a superb family entertainer. That Bairava's theme used in starting scene was brilliant. 1st half is full of comedy .Good thing is that all of them makes you laugh. Ajay and gang are at their best. Tabu and Pari looked fantastic and both are excellent too. Neil Nitin does well in negative role this time. He was below average in PRDP. Every scene involving Nana Patekar's mimicry is superb. Whole theatre went crazy those times. 2nd half is emotional and less comedy but there are good moments too. Climax was ok. All in all, a super entertainer this Diwali. My rating 4/5.

by Super-star (189k points)

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