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1. Sultan

2. Raees

3. Half Girlfriend

4. Pk

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pk is now 3 years old film and to be in top 4 shows its one of most loved on tv


And HAHK is 24 years old film...still it is in top5(rofl)(rofl)

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Last year blockbuster & 23 year old blockbuster movie still in top 5 shows the dominance of Mega Star. Good to see Raees at 2nd number too.

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as I said earlier
salman king of tv
amir king of cinema
Amitabh king of ads /advertisments/commericals
and srk king of wedding events, shop opening events,birthday parties, chief guest honour events etc everything where a celebrity is required to do the honour.

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What about tube light trp ......tiger....last week

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Tubelight premiered on Oct 2nd right. The above rating is for 23rd - 29th September.


OK brother....

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