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I know it's too early to judge without watching the film but I think Sidharth Malhotra & Sonakshi Sinha are miscast. Arjun Rampal or Vivek Oberoi would suit this part whilst someone like Nimrat Kaur would have done a far better job than Sonakshi.

No question about Akshaye Khanna as he's perfect for his part.

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I am sure that I will enjoy this movie. Hope it finds an audience. It is very cheap too, so even a little bit of acceptance would do the trick.

I am not liking Siddarth's acting here. I think it's something about his voice, because the facial expressions are fine.

Sonakshi is OK.

Akshay Khanna is looking terrific, glad to have him back in full force.

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Same thoughts. His dialogue delivery is kind of weak. Akshaye khanna looks strong in his part, one guy who can act way better than some of these new boys.

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Loved the trailer... Looks like an well made thriller..... Looking forward to it.

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Really thrilled by the trailer itself.

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This actually looks gud
Looking forward to this

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Good trailer. Looking forward to it. Hope the budget will be low for this movie.

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Wait..?? RCE trying to do something right..??

I can't believe myself..........oh wait, they screwed it again, they are clashing with Thor Ragnarok..!!

by All Time best! (269k points)

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