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Bahubali - The Conclusion is far superior to Dangal boi

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Bahubali - The Conclusion is far superior to Dangal that is not even arguable. The figures say it all and we are comparing like for like which is our Hindi markets. Its among the top five greatest HINDI films of all time and that can never be a fluke and on top its a dubbed film. The second greatest in the last twenty five years after Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. Bahubali 2 is on a different level to not only Dangal but all the other big ones in the last ten years or so.
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I certainly agree on this one because BOI is clearly talking about general public not any single individual choice. You might say Dangal is better than Bahubali in worldwide but what is most important is domestic audience and both in Hindi and regional languages Bahubali is far ahead in terms of domestic business.

by Camera Operator (8.4k points)
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Haha. Just becuase Hero motors generates more revenue than Harley Davidson, doesn't mean than hero is superior to Harley. BOI should learn to differentiate between popularity and superiority. BOI is so money obsessed that I think they jerk off to the sound of chiller /coins falling on the floor.

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You are absolutely right.
It can be said that India is far superir than Japan because India has more population. Bloody number obsessed BOI.


I think BOI theory is more money means more public liking the product. You and I can say K3G is better than Gadar (thats our choice) but just because the former has better WW business doesn't mean domestic audience loved K3G more than Gadar at that time. The bottomline is more people went to see Gadar in India and that means more footfalls generated in the domestic markets and BOI is writing by this logic.


Thanks ankit for agreeing with me and it's not unusual for us to agree on nearly everything, cause we share the same enthusiasm for art and erotica.
Fur123 what BOI is talking about is appeal/reach ..a product which is high in appeal Maynot be very high in quality, a product may also work extremely well in a particular frame of time but may not work another time.. Imo BB2 and Dangal are Hadar and lagaan of this decade.


One more example - Modi is high in appeal and his reach his extraordinary( considering votes equivalent to B.O) but does it make him a superior administrator than Manmohan Singh ?

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But I like Dangal more than Bahubali

by Producer (113k points)
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Won't comment on that but Dangal, despite not so commercial movie doing so much worldwide atleast one praising article was expected. But Boi is against Dangal from day 1.. Wonder Why!.

by Producer (107k points)
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Why are BOI so obsessed with pulling down dangal? They dont like aamir that is pretty obvious. Yes bahubali was a hurricane but what dangal acheived was also praiseworthy. 2000cr plus ww is no joke.

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Baahubali 2 is Best Film of Decade for me.

by Super-star (194k points)

For u even jhms is also a good film. u are the one who changed prediction if i remember. Ur star is competing with Tiger even with a good director.


For jatinder any time any genre man srk was about to do 30cr on day1. I advise join a professional course for numbers analysis.

Jatinder koi badi film de raha hai srk ko? Dhoom4 mili? Nahi na? Stay quiet. And wait for dwarf...a historic semi hit in the making.


Hey Chirai 2point0, it's his opinion, why are you getting SRK into this, don't you have better things to do other then trying to pick a fight with fans of a star who crushed your star's movie in January..??

Go praise discount Govinda on a 14 crs opening day or praise your new favorite - Tiger Shroff..!!


Tb, this is something i am hitting back at jatinder. Stay out when you are not needed. And fyi tiger is and will never be my favourite.


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