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AR Murugadoss said Akshay Kumar was a small star when Holiday released, do you agree?

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When a reporter asked why you choose to work with big Star only?
Muruggadose answered when I did holiday with akshay he was not a big Star! film is the hero, else 40cr is difficult.script is the can make any body a big Star.
Do you agree with his statement? meanwhile akkians had boycotted spyder, trolling ar muruggadose mercilessly because according to them 1khilladi>>3khans
Source Link: Twitter
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4 Answers

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Akshay fans are living on some another world if they are saying 1 khiladi= 3 khans

by Production Accountant (27.5k points)
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maybe he's saying that because the media narrative currently is that he only started becoming big after Airlft. But I do not agree with him at all, he was fluctuating when Holiday was released, but he was still the 5th biggest star then.

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Lol. Nice joke. Akshay was a superstar then too. This is not something I agree with. Back then he used to do one good film and three bad ones.

Now in the last 2 years more or less he does 3 good films out of 4.

by Mega Star (225k points)

ARM didn't call Akki a small star..he just said he was not that big, which again was true during 2014 when Akki was still dealing with flops. It was much easier for Arm to cast Akki in Holiday even though all he did was make Akki copy Vijay. It wouldn't be the same if he had the Khans or Hrithik as the main lead.

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To abhi kaunsi megastardom ki stairs climb kar li bhaisaab ne

He is small even today, the only difference is that he is a small Superstar now

#1Khiladi = 3Khans

by All Time best! (268k points)


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