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1. Simran (2017): 7/10 Unlike Queen and Tanu Weds Manu, Simran is more of a niche film seems like catering interest of NRI audiences. It completely lacks desi feel and more than 60% dialogues are only in English. I wonder why Hansal Mehta made this film at first place as the film has been rejected by people after the first weekend itself and it is another flop of the year on the box office window. Well, This is my view based on audiences demographic and business of cinema.

My personal opinion on the film is pleasant despite Simran has an abrupt and stupid ending. I loved the character of Simran, she is cynical, self-obsessed, always makes bad decisions in life and have some serious bad habits but, despite all the negative traits, she's honest as **** and has indestructible pride. She knows what she is and what she is doing and that's what makes her character beautiful and lovable, at least for me. Kangana Ranaut has lived the character, the film may not be Queen, but her performance won't disappoint you for sure. Though Kangana roles in movies have become repetitive of lately, with every women-centric film she has been doing play a character of little tough and psychologically unstable woman, but it's refreshing to watch her in Simran.

After Shahid and Citylight, I had high expectations from Hansal Mehta, the storytelling of the film is like story is mediocre, telling is fine. I wished, the film had better writing. Otherwise, the film is always a good one.

2. Interstellar (2014): 8/10 Okay. I don't know the theory of relativity, and all the stuff related to four and five dimensions. I'm not a student of science stream at first place though have some basic knowledge and I'm always keen to understand my environment. But, I can say that the film is a mind-****. There may be some things in the film that I didn't get and there are some things that didn't make sense to me. Still, I was glued to my laptop screen with curiosity for what's next. And, for that to happen it asks a phenomenal and extraordinary storytelling to make an opinion interesting even if that opinion was unperceivable and beyond the imagination of someone's individual. Nolan has that quality, his imaginary world is always indistinguishable as what they show is real or mere work of fiction. Inception, The Prestige and now Interstellar, these all films don't just entertain but recharge your brain cells. I can breakdown some of the scenes which are exceptional and an example of remarkable cinematic experience. But, that'll be long and well most of guys here already have watched the film. Anyway. Moving ahead.

3. Detachment (2011): 9/10 One of the most impactful and depressing film analyzing complexities of human relationships, I've watched recently. At first, you will think you are watching some European film, but, well, it's an American film and it's a rare American film with an almost European style of storytelling. Basically, the film talks about profession of teaching, relationship between teachers and students, detachment of people from the society and how these all have been getting worse by each passing day. The film makes some serious and authentic remark on the origin of as why our society is becoming hollow, and why we're failing as part of human race. The film tells not to play the blame game but, understand our part, understand nature of the contemporary world, understand people's rage and anger and displeasure, and most importantly understand the detachment and then work upon it with an optimist approach. People who love art house film must go with it. :)

Mentioning one of the quotes from the movie that's by a French philosopher Albert Camus, which I found very thoughtful.

"And never have I felt so deeply at one and the same time so detached from myself and so presented in the world."
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Wonder Woman 8/10
Good infact very good superhero or should i say superheroine origin film
Gal gadot shines with her performance
Story and screenplay is pretty neat
Overall a good dc movie finally

VIP 2 5/10
A disappointing sequel to one of my most loved films VIP
The problem why sequels mostly don't work or are below par in india is bcoz makers try to cash in the craze of first part
You almost feel like watching an rehashed but average version of VIP2
Dhanush was okk there was no scope for him to perform
Kajol again did well but her character was poorly written
Amala paul was irritating to be honest

Lucknow Central 6/10
Soo ok this film had its moments but the irregularity plus the whole prison escape thing is pretty illogical which makes the film weak
The film had a gud plot but the execution wasn't good enough
Coming to acting everyone did well
Especially ravi kishan was hilarious
An okay one time watch

Movie of the week:Wonder woman

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Not Another Teen Movie (6/10):

Decent parody of all those old-school US rom-coms. Can be watched once. But it will not be enjoyed by someone who is unaware of the US tropes.

Happy New Year (4/10):

After many years I tried watching it again, and i was unable to sit through it fully. I kept forwarding scenes. Generally the base is solid but execution is very poor. I did enjoy this movie in the cinema back in the day though.

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  1. Kingsman: The Golden Circle [2017 - IMAX] = 3/10 [extremely disappointing. Very bad sequel.]

  2. Jai Lava Kusa [2017 - Telugu] = 4/10 [very good performance by NTR Jr in triple role. But direction, screenplay let this honest performance shamelessly down.]

First Time Watches = Both of them.

Movie(s) of the week = None.

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What 4/10
Is it even worse than Janatha garage


More or less yeah.

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