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Hey guys, me and some friends entered a competition recently for a chance to produce a web series with a given budget. The first step was to create a 1 minute pitch video for the web series. If you could all click the link, watch the video, and vote for us (everyone can vote upto one time PER DAY until Friday), it would be greatly appreciated! Pass the word on to let others vote too! Thank you.

in General by Costume designer (1.1k points)

Bhai! Kidhar ke ho?


Thank you everyone!

@Ankit 007 I'm from Canada!


India ethnic?


Yes, I'm a Sikh! (Punjabi)

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So you're Bobby Sidhu. The guy makes who predictions at The same person who predicted Zero will become a Blockbuster and HGOTY. Same guy who said Simmba & Kabir Singh will be a Semi Hit...............

I've seen your articles.

Ya, I know you're a member of (Known as Srkat) where you used to make threads to post your predictions............

by Assistant Director (44.0k points)

dang....are you..... the caped crusader....the greatest detective...the silent guardian.....the dark knight?!?!?


Deputy Head Commissioner of Police, Bajirao Singham............... :o

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