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1. Baadshaho (2017): 3/10 Horrible. Sometimes, I wonder how someone who has given some of the brilliant films in past turns into making a disastrous film. Milan Lutheria, the man whose filmography has titles like Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, The Dirty Picture and Taxi Number 92 11, is making kind of film you wish to have never watched. Baadshaho is the burning example. Not that content failed to deliver but, the direction made me feel like if someone who is in the premature phase of understanding cinema has made the film. Direction and camerawork are utter nonsense and I had better not talk about the story which is one of the stupidest and illogical stories among the year's releases. Even a no-brainer movie lover will abuse the film with the foulest language and I've heard people abusing it. Some of the things I liked are Sunny Leone's Piya More dance number and few quirky punchlines. That's it.

2. IT (2017): 7/10 Good film. Bad theatre experience. I loved the concept that how every character of the film deals with their own demons inside, overcome the fear and never give up. There're some fine scary moments but, I didn't really feel like anything exceptional, bad theatre experience could be a reason for that. What I loved is its unexpected humor and wits of the story that puts it in the line of comedy in tragedy. I watched Hindi dubbed, it may have ruined the true essence of the film, but added some desi and more fun elements for sure. Recommend.

3. Ragini MMS 2 (2014): 4/10 Well. I didn't expect it to be even a decent film. But, it certainly surpassed my expectations and surprised me. Okay, the film is full of clich├ęs' with ages-old horror tricks but, it's all fun watching it having Sunny Ji presence on the screen. Love <3
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Tropic Thunder - 8/10 - You get some of the big names of Hollywood, in a Hollywood movie, ridiculing Hollywood, in a completely bonkers Hollywood satire, that is about Hollywood, what more can you ask..!!

And also, it's funny..!!

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Poster boys 7/10
A decent one time watch
The pace of the film is inconsistent though
The first half had a lot of comedy
The second half goes towards the seriousness of the matter
Coming to acting sunny deol does what he does best and he is still loved by the masses,shreyas is ok and bobby is misfit in his role
There were many references to deol family and their movies and those were preety hilarious

2.Jab Harry Met Sejal 3/10
What to say the only question is why did SRK even signed a film like this
The film has no plot basically no plot
Coming to direction imtiaz ali failed completely
The only saving grace was Srk who acted brilliantly but is let down by the script once again
Also anushka's character is one of the most poorly written characters in bollywood
She is just pathetic
An absolute blunder from SRK

3.Manje bistre 7/10
Almost fell like watching an amrinder gill movie bcoz he does these type of movies
The formula is same but still the treatment makes it watchable bcoz its entertaining
Gippy is gud sonam bajwa is ok rest cast is bang on

I have started watching wonder woman but not completed it so not mentioning it here
Movie of the week:poster boys

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Parenthood (6.5/10)

Movies that have a good ensemble of actors playing a family have always attracted me. The last movie of this type that I saw was This Is Where I Leave You, and I really liked that one. This one is also prettt good, it has well realized characters, and might help some appreciate their parents more. Some cliches are there in the movie, but considering how old the movie is, they can be forgiven.

That's all for the week.

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Narcos Season 1(2015) - 8/10
Ex Machina(2015) - 7.5/10
The Spectacular Now(2013) - 7/10
Submarine(2010) - 7/10
Sing Street(2016) - 8.5/10

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  1. Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D [1991] = 8/10 [now I've watched it on the big screen. 3D was anyways a sham but there was no way of me missing out on this epic film on big screen.]

  2. Thupparivaalan [2017 - Tamil] = 6/10 [Good thriller. Wish Mysskin had captured his trademark emotion to make it even more impactful. Nevertheless recommended.]

  3. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales [2017] = 4/10 [Terribly boring.]

First Time Watched = All of them.

Movie(s) of the Week = Terminator 2: Judgment Day & Thupparivaalan.

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Is Pirates 5 worse than Pirates 4?


Hmmm for now I will say yes. But I hated pirates 4.

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MR India. 9/10.
Anil Kapoor, Sridevi and AMRISH PURI all rocked in this best bollywood science fiction ever. How great writers Salim -Javed were?
Gabbar Singh and Mogambo belong to them

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