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The way the Hindi film industry is faring at the moment it is looking that films are more likely to appear in charts where they dont want to be which is lowest grossing rather than highest grossing. A Gentleman has become the sixth lowest grossing film ever for films which in terms of budget plus promotion have cost over 50 crore. It is there with some legendary company which basically include the biggest disasters of all time. Broken Horses heads the list and it will be a mighty achievement by some other film to take the biggest disaster of all time status from this film, not just in the medium term but in history to come. Broken Horses has made this status its own and our bet is it will never let go.
The director duo of A Gentleman have also set records by being in the list twice as A Gentleman and Happy Ending both come in the list. This also takes some doing as after giving a film like Happy Ending and having no successful film you don't get a chance with a big film but these guys somehow managed it with A Gentleman but it fared worse than Happy Ending.
Even a Salman Khan starrer London Dreams comes up on the list but it was before his superstar days which started with Dabangg(2010) and the way things are going it won't be there forever as there will be some 50 crore plus budget film which will do less than 25 crore nett over the next few years. Below are the top ten lowest grossing films which have a cost (budget inc pa) of 50 crore or more.
1. Broken Horses (2015) - 45,75,000
2. Mirzya (2016) - 7,92,25,000
3. Zanjeer (2013)- 13,07,00,000
4. Tezz (2012) - 15,91,00,000
5. Fitoor (2016) - 16,85,75,000
6. A Gentleman (2017) - 18,00,00,000 (expected)
7. Rangoon (2017) - 20,87,00,000
8. Happy Ending (2014) - 22,31,25,000
9. Bombay Velvet (2015) - 22,80,25,000
10. London Dreams - (2010) - 25,69,25,000
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They're just describing his successful run like that. Ofcourse what better ways than saying superstar days considering the flops he had seen in 2006-2009 despite a Partner or Wanted.

They didn't mean he became a superstar after Dabangg coz their own star ranking & description of his career negates taking out such a meaning.

Chalta hai, non-Salman fans get to laugh for a small period as the next article will describe him in a way non-fans will find hard to swallow.


Broken Horses is hollywood movie. No bollywood actor was in that movie. Why include that in this list ?


Well that's coz their true love towards Vidhu Vinod Chopra.


boi are settling score with vidhu vinod chopra as broken horses is an english film and doesn’t feature any hindi movie star then how can it be included in the list of all time disasters?? Also why insert a special note for london dreams as a disaster is a disaster irrespective of the star’s standing but their overt love for salman ensued in the insertion of these lame excuses they never, even by mistake, mention marigold in their writeups which couldn’t touch a crore figure despite featuring a major star

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First of all, who allows these guys to have 50 crs budget..!!

And legendary actor once in a lifetime generation Ranbir Kapoor is only one with a movie over 100 crs budget i guess, flopstar legand for a reason :D :D
And finally..!!

How's this for a knockout punch from BOI

"Even a Salman Khan starrer London Dreams comes up on the list but it was before his superstar days which started with Dabangg(2010)" (rofl) (rofl)

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Don't misunderstood Boi's statement regarding Salman khans Superstar days he was that superstar in 90s without any doubt here boi wants to say that before dabangg Salman was very low at the box office coz his movies were getting flop verdicts one after another that's y BOI said in that way and here Superstar days means Golden phase of his career he was superstar in 90s and 20s but after dabangg his most golden phase started

by Unit Manager (37.1k points)
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BOI described Salman Khan getting superstar with KARAN ARJUN in 2006 archives

by Producer (114k points)
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Should have written resurgence rather than Superstar days.

by Editor (82.0k points)
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Let me explain it in detail ..
Salman was not a Superstar b4 Dabangg okh ..
what kind of Stardom Srk had that Salman who had a flops like Veer London dreams, MAMK, Yuvraaj & GTGH with Success in Wanted in 2008-09 has dethroned Srk from no.1 spot to no.2 position ...
Do Srk had Stardom which?
he slipped from his no.1 position with just one Dabangg ..
So 2 things can be seen here ..
Either Srk had a fake(khokla) stardom which made him to slip frm his no.1 position , or
Salman was a Superstar even b4 Dabangg ..
now decide on yourself ... p

by Producer (118k points)

Epic answer....


who said with wanted he dethroned SRK from Boxoffice no 1. salman got to no1 position only after the success of Bodyguard where SRK ra one was a disappointment that year, until Bodyguard it was SRK at top his release MNIK was a worldwide hit.


@IamLostSoul bhai Salman gained the top position after Dabangg ......


SRK lost his no.1 position (to Aamir) in 2008 itself. 2010/11 se toh Srk Top2 me bhi nhi hai... It's all about Salman vs Aamir.

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Before Superstar days means before golden period, his Stardom was one of the biggest in 90's.Idiot will never understand.yes I agree 2004-2009was very poor for him but still he was in top5 in popularity.

by Executive Producer (66.5k points)

At first look at his idiocy then point out comments... Conversation ki gehrai Jane bina mat uchhala kar yaar.


i m praising ur humor here....i laughed n enjoyed this comment...why taking it negatively??


U hardly speak positive things...Isliye negativity hi lena padta hai.



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It's mistake .....boi wants to say.... megastar days.... that time he was superstar

Now he is megastar....

by Executive Producer (63.7k points)


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'A Gentleman' was not a bad movie. Don't know why it has such low collection.

by Production Designer (12.0k points)
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Sahi baat hai 2010 Sep se Salman Bhai Superstar bane... Usse pehle bas Star the. ...

Tou All Time Ranking mei 5-6th spot se khush rahenge ye decade rule krne ke baad

by Production Accountant (23.5k points)

Tu tention mat le Salman all time ranking main srk se agay hi retire hoga likh le


Hahaha bhai tu tension mat le 1st Srk ko chor de tu 5th Dev Aanand ko cross krle salman wahi badi baat hai.... Consistency tou hai nhi uske career mei.. Ye decade top krega usme khush raho


Consistency ? Hahahaha without clean hit verdicts year for Salman are 92,93,01,02,06,08 out of 28 years long career and for srk it would be 94,96,99,05,09,15,16,17 8 years out of 25 years and they call him so called consistent


5 disaster 1 Hit dena se acha hai

1 Semihit dena saal mei

Successful films srk ne har saal di hai 1996 2005 2009 2016 chorke

Salman ne nhi di kitne saare saalo mei aur kch years mei uski 4-5 disasters hain aur koi extended cameo ya 2nd fiddle role se usko 1 success mili hai. .. Usko consistency maanoge kya. ... Worst films ko bhi Average Semihit kr dena aur success dete rehna hai consistency ka mtlb.. . 5 disaster 1 BB nhi


Hahahahaha don't make castles in the air I gave u the perticular years without hit verdict if u r right give me the years otherwise Salman khan have successful films in 2001,2002 itself and we all know how srk got all these successful movie in new update of BOI ram Jane, yes boss ,koyla, mnik, devdas, kank, chalte chalte ,ra.1, etc if u call srk that consistent then Salman is also consistent in that way and we all know how srk got points biasedly in 94,96,99,2003,2005,2006,2009,2010 and just wait srk will be ranked as no.3 in 2016 by boi by points after Salman and amir 2017 will be no different and so on ,now onward srk will remain behind Salman and aamir in star ranking be it monthly or annually points


srk will not find his place in top 5 superstars all time

ranking will be
rajesh Khanna
dev anand
raj Kapoor
rajendra kumar

srk will retire as 9 the biggest star of all time, ye number 1 k sapne dekhna chor de bhai


Hahahahaha tumhare mann ki ranking se kch nhi hoga

Jaakar Boi check krlo

Aur jb all time ranking total update hogi tou keh dena ki ranking fake hai jaisa hamesha krte hain salman fans

90s mei salman ko srk se upar bta rhe the boi ne answer kia reality tb bolne lage boi ranking is fake


idiot, boi has aways been fake, jab mann karta hai ranking badal dete hai,

yaad hai sunny ko 2001,2002 ka biggest star wahi bola tha boi ne
amir ko biggest 2008,2009 ka star bhi boi ne hi bola tha, yaad aaya,
unke baap ka raaj hai jab mann kare ranking change kar de, after 10 years who knows they will say anything,
boi ko apna baap manna chor de Bhai, kush rahega


Kya ranking, ranking laga rakha hai! Statistics ke sath baat karne se darrte kyu ho? One site's ranking says Salman>>>srk, another site's ranking says Srk>>>Salman. Rankings creates more confusion. So better we should talk with data and statistics. It'll make everything doodh ka doodh and paani ka paani....

Salman - 2 Srk - 0

Salman - 2 Srk - 0

Salman - 9/10 Srk - 5

Salman - 3 Srk - 2

Salman - 13 Srk - 10

Salman - 18 Srk - 16

Salman - 28/29 Srk - 27

5cr/6cr/7cr ff
Salman - 1 Srk - 0

3cr ff
Salman - 4 Srk - 3

2cr footfalls
Salman - 13 Srk - 9
Statistics clearly says that Salman is light years ahead Srk in each and every category.


just to add Disasters bhi add kardo please


Varun Dhawan has delivered zero flop/Disaster till date. Does it mean Varun>>>Salman/Srk???


i guess u r comparing SRK and Salman at the moment and both have been in industry for more then 25 years


Yup Salman has more flop and disasters. So what? Can't you see that he's more BHOTD, HGOTD, HGOTY, ATBB, BB, Superhits, Hits???


alright u agreed to that.


That is a fact and the fact can't be changed. Btw, can deny the other points I made?


for me Previous decade for salman was worst of all time, looking his fan following and his previous decade performance its really bad, SRK might be going through his bad phase but still it would be much better then other 2 flops in this decade is very much acceptable , he might had disappointments but that too grossed much more and always remain in top 3, u can see raees as a major under performer and still the highest grosser in terms of gross and footfalls of the year.but without a doubt salman is the superstar of the decade unless his remaining movies perform like tubelight.


We have never call Salman no1 for the previous decade. Undoubtedly that was a horrible period. We call Salman no1 for 90's and this decade and we have enough statistics to prove it. And also never said that SRK isn't a superstar or out of top3.


good to have a sensible reply from u .....90's was never meant for khans i would say it was SRK=Salman where SRK did had a edge because of craze he had after DDLJ.


IMO Stardom and popularity wise Sunny Deol and Amitji were ahead of others in nineties. But box office success wise Salman and Srk>>>others, statistics says this. Stardom and Box Office success hamesha eksath nhi chalta. Eg- Stardom and popularity wise Srk is still the 2nd biggest star of the nation. But BO wise...... We all know it very well.


the good part is after 25 years both are somehow still the top stars of the country if you wanna say craze wise or boxoffice wise, u will never see fans clap or dance on any one else movies such is the craze these two have


Absulotly true....we might troll them sometime but the ultimate truth is Bollywood will never witness such craze and die hard fans following again after their retirement. Even in their disastrous days thousands of people gather in front of their houses (eg - Salman in the last decade). The same never happens with other stars even in their golden days.


after a long time, i enjoyed boxoffice fight n then peaceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Yakeen maano...peace ka koi irada nhi tha apna. But malum nhi kese ye gandi fight bromance me badal gaya(rofl)(rofl)


hahaha :D at the end its only fan fight not real fight



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all three khans were top guns of 90's while srk continued to sizzle till 2004 and then falled flately and since then struggling for the last 13 years.
he was huge star from 95-2004. that is period of 9 years.
salman going strongly till 99 but his poor run started since 2000 and continued till 2009 and after 2010 there is no looking back,
that is period of 8 years,
amir took sabbataicla of 4 years which hampered him , after 2005 he come back strongly and since then going from strength to strength , that is period of 12 years,
point to be noted , srk is not been able to come back strongly in his 2 innings while both salman and amir come back story will be written in golden words with history,

by Art Director (2.9k points)

Till 2004 ? What about KANK Bumper and Don Excellent openings and Hit ?
Fanaa RDB KANK Don all were in same range 50's....

Then CDI did more than Partner and TZP and 3 Akshay films (apart from welcome).
Then OSO was 2007 Highest grosser.

Then 2008 RNBDJ was Blockbuster and 2nd highest of all time.

SRK 95-2008......


SRK was at the top till 2011 only hrithik gave him competition in between , it was raone negativity ,disappointment and RCE which destroyed SRK , RCE is only reason SRK started doing movies for Money. SRK did got boost with CE and HNY but over confidence of accepting movies without content drag him down again


ghanta top,
ghajini and 3 idiots took better opening than any srk films released during 2008-2010. then how come he is top till 2011? kuch bhi bakwas mat kar Bhai,

everybody knows in 2008 itself it was amir who destroyed srk career with ghajini,

kank was huge multistarrer, don was remake of big atbb

he was huge till 2004.
srk was completely outshined by amir mangal pandey and salman no entry, even a lesser star abhishek completely outburst srk with bunty aur bubbly.

this year marked his beginning of end of stardom.
I was his biggest fan during 2002-2004 only in those years he was undisputed with films like devdas, chalet chalet, khnh, mhn, veerzara,
when he did swades it started his bad period.

whole world knows it was hrithik undisputedly number 1 star of 2006 with big hits dhoom2 and krish2

this will be regarded as his best year along with 2004 and 1995 in his careers.

again he become number 1 in this year with two big hits oso and cdi and take top position from hrithik.
in 2008 amir became number 1 megastar of btown and srk pushed to rank2
till 2010 September eid amir was number 1.
after dabangg salman became number 1 and amir pushed to number 2 and srk number 3 till 2012.
salman dream run continued for 3 years that is 2010-2012 in which he was undisputed number 1.
from 2013 to 2014 amir again took the top slot with films like dhoom3, pk and salman pushed to number 2, srk number3

2015 again salman became number 1 due to absent of amir and epic atbb bajrangi bhaijaan
2016 amir took the top slot from salman with megahit dangal.srk number 3

2017 still amir number 1 till tzh release,
if tzh do below than 200 the amir will enjoy number 1 slot for 2 successive years.

now don't go boi its all bulshit,

I have all data from 1990-2017 who has been the top star in each years.

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