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Mahesh Babu "SPYder" Pre Release biz...

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Telangana            - 23cr
Andhra Pradesh  - 46.7cr
Tamil Nadu          - 17cr (Inc Tam & Tel )
Karnataka            - 10.8cr
Kerala                   - 1.3cr (Mal dub ver)
Odisha                  - 60 lakhs
ROI                        - 50 lakhs+
Overseas.             - 23cr

Worldwide Theatrical biz 123cr ...with India alone ~100cr.

Satellite & Audio - 33cr+2cr

Total Pre Release biz 158cr+

*Inc Telugu,Tamil & Malayalam dub ver
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Humongous pre release biz means it has to do huge buisness
Hoping for the best

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)
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Thats huge. Mahesh Babu is a huge Box Office draw. I like him very much. Do you know hoe much the budget is./

by Producer (103k points)

Inc P&P 100cr+ is the budget..
Some say 120 but..I go with 95-105cr range.


Hindi rights are not's with director.
So no Hindi dubb...

But Telugu version will have Eng subtitle release worldwide...

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Rights are sold in all time blockbuster price for tollywood, mahesh coming after a huge disaster,ar muruggadose had disappointed me only 1time Stalin.hoping he will deliver this time.tamil rights are looking like a huge task for spyder,it needs to be well received to succeed.he is favourite director from Tamil (Shankar is second).

by Executive Producer (66.1k points)

@Roman Stalin is good movie i liked it but unfortunately it didn't do well at box office ....


Ya that was a entertaining movie, but underwhelming for me but definitely watchable.if we compare Stalin to all ar muruggadose movie it is the most weak movie.


What's your rating for Kaththi?


Kaththi was a good movie (mass+class), everyone​
Will like that movie who watches movie to be engaged from start to end, good masala entertainer with a message.but definitely not a extraordinary or thought provoking one and it doesn't needed to be like that because it was made for entertainment for all sections of audience.
Kaththi>>>>>>Stalin for me

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anything less than outstanding and another underperformer for mahesh.

by Assistant Director (42.7k points)
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Last 5 films Mahesh Babu NETT in India

1) Brahmotsavam (Disaster) - 39 cr
2) Srimanthudu (Blockbuster) - 106 cr
3) Aagadu (Disaster) - 34 cr
4) Nonokkadine (Flop) -31cr
5) SVSC (Hit) - 60 cr

Spyder needs 140 cr NETT

by Producer (114k points)

If iam right the biggest grossing movie in tollywood after bahubali series
Is khaidi no•150(113cr nett)?????????
Then it has to be the biggest non bahubali grosser
By a big margin just to break even.
So anything less than a magic from genius ar muruggadose
And it will be a flop.
Hoping for the best, prepared for the worst

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Mahesh Babu- The name is enough. For me the best actor in south right now.

by Production Accountant (27.5k points)


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