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I dont know why but i have a feeling that YRF somehow likes Ranveer singh  more than iconic SRK? the way they hype him or give more time in the romantics. and Aditya making befikre.

as a Srk fan i have this feeling,dont know if fellow Srkians had this feeling at one point.
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It's not that they like Ranveer more or less, we have to accept that SRK is aging and YRF have to find younger actors to rely on.

And he is the king of romance and will stay forever, but at 57 years plus i don't want to see him romancing girls in the 20 or 30... come on !

So i am glad he is doing other type of movie.
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i would never hype up a kid(ranveer) infront of a real man(srk),i would stay with the real man as long as i could because i(Yrf) knows that the kid will come whenerver i call him.  thats my take in this situation, finding that kid as long as you have the chance to be with the relam man is like cheating.
Ranveer a kid at 37 ?!!
SRK did Daar for YRF at 27 and DDLJ at 30...
infront of srk he is a kid in terms of age and achievments and love.
the thing is i dont like YRF after Yash chopra passed away,they sold out Srk.
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I don't think yrf sticks to a particular hero. But some actresses are repeatedly cast. Like parineeti chopra used to appear nearly every year in their films last decade. Vaani kapoor too. They gave equal work to male actors. But not a single work for hashmi saab till now. 
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Repared with Tiger 3 ?!!

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