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Hindi508.4 Cr502.8 Cr
Regional Lang18.11 Cr-

*Till 34th Day - 27/02/2022

Day by Day Breakdown (Source: TARAN ADARSH)

DayHindi Nett.Regional Lang (Nett.)
Wednesday55 Cr2 Cr
Thursday68 Cr2.5 Cr
Friday38 Cr1.25 Cr
Saturday51.50 Cr1.75 Cr
Sunday58.50 Cr2.25 Cr
Extended Weekend271 Cr9.75 Cr
Monday25.5 Cr1 Cr
Tuesday22 Cr1 Cr
Wednesday17.5 Cr0.75 Cr
Thursday15 Cr0.65 Cr
First Week351 Cr13.15 Cr
Friday13.5 Cr0.5 Cr
Saturday22.5 Cr0.75 Cr
Sunday27.5 Cr1 Cr
Second Weekend63.5 Cr2.25 Cr
Monday8.25 Cr0.3 Cr
Tuesday7.5 Cr0.25 Cr
Wednesday6.5 Cr0.25 Cr
Thursday5.75 Cr0.2 Cr
Second Week91.5 Cr3.25 Cr
Friday5.75 Cr0.15 Cr
Saturday11 Cr0.25 Cr
Sunday12.6 Cr0.40 Cr
Third Weekend29.35 Cr0.80 Cr
Monday4.1 Cr0.1 Cr
Tuesday5.4 Cr0.2 Cr
Wednesday3.5 Cr0.1 Cr
Thursday3.3 Cr0.1 Cr
Third Week45.65 Cr1.3 Cr
Friday2.2 Cr0.05 Cr
Saturday3.25 Cr0.07 Cr
Sunday4.15 Cr0.1 Cr
Fourth Weekend9.6 Cr0.22 Cr
Monday1.2 Cr0.05 Cr
Tuesday1.1 Cr0.04 Cr
Wednesday1.05 Cr0.03 Cr
Thursday1 Cr0.02 Cr
Fourth Week
Friday1 Cr0.02 Cr
Saturday1.95 Cr0.03 Cr
Sunday2.45 Cr0.05 Cr
Fifth Weekend5.4 Cr0.1 Cr
Monday0.8 Cr0.02 Cr
Total Till Date508.40 Cr18.18 Cr

Taran Adarsh: 

First Week DOM (Hindi)
Second Week DOM (Hindi)
Third Week DOM (Hindi)
Fourth Week DOM (Hindi)

Day by Day Breakdown (Source: Box Office India)

DayHindi Nett.Milestones
Wednesday55 Cr
Thursday68 Cr123 Cr
Friday37.5 Cr
Saturday51 Cr211.5 Cr
Sunday58 Cr
Extended Weekend269.5 Cr
Monday25 Cr
Tuesday21.5 Cr316 Cr
Wednesday17.25 Cr
Thursday15 Cr
First Week347.75 Cr*
Friday13 Cr
Saturday22.25 Cr
Sunday27.5 Cr411 Cr
Second Weekend62.75 Cr
Monday8 Cr
Tuesday7.25 Cr
Wednesday6.5 Cr
Thursday5.75 Cr
Second Week90.25 Cr
Friday5.5 Cr
Saturday10.75 Cr454.75 Cr
Sunday12.5 Cr-
Third Weekend28.75 Cr-
Monday4 Cr-
Tuesday5.75 Cr-
Wednesday3.15 Cr
Thursday3 Cr
Third Week44.75 Cr**
Friday2.15 Cr
Saturday3.25 Cr
Sunday4 Cr
Fourth Weekend9.4 Cr
Monday1.25 Cr
Tuesday1.1 Cr
Wednesday1 Cr
Thursday1 Cr
Fourth Week13.75 Cr
Friday1.05 Cr
Saturday2 Cr
Sunday2.5 Cr500 Cr
Fifth Weekend5.55 Cr
Monday0.8 Cr
Total Till Date502.85 Cr

Box Office India: 

First Week DOM (Hindi)
Second Week DOM (Hindi)
Third Week DOM (Hindi)
*First Week Revised (50 Lakhs reduced)
**Third Week Revised (10 Lakhs Increased)
Fourth Week DOM (Hindi)

*This is a live thread, and I'll update the numbers as it comes.*

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Good work!
Hoping to see this for more major films in future.
I meant the breakdown post.
Not the collections, that will be hard to do unless SRK :p

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There was a time when i was thinking 250-300 ho jaye to accha hai

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