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I know that that Hrithik was phenominal in Mujhse dosti karoge, but it flopped ,would it make any difference if Srk was in the place of hritik? i mean srk is the king of romance on that point of view?
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Results could've been bit better, but overall the movie itself was so bad.

One thing for sure, SRK who is a much superior actor wouldn't spread cringe everywhere like Hrithik did, so could've been better
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You mean Rahul? On knowing the truth about rani being the real pen pal , he would clear the matter with kareena on whatsApp and gone back to her  rani without anyfuss. Rahul is passionate for her girls, he would even try to kill kareena to clear his path ( remember how he harasses the shit out of that handpump dude for juhi) 
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