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yehi last provocative post hain jo maine reshow kiya. age se sab hide hoga.
don't say Tubelight k tym kya kar raha tha hum. I have hidden huge number of provocative Bazigar post.


kyon nahi..rule announce kardo ki jhms ke against kuch post nahi kar sarka


provocative post will be hidden be it for JHMS or Tubelight. we have better knowledge what we should announce or not. tnk u


All the real value theory posts for tubelight is not hidden so i hope when we make such posts on JHMS it should also not be hidden

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Matlab hai k, natkhat hai sambhandh sohneya
Jhatpat le aanand sohneya
Poora hai parbhand sohneya
Taapmaan de aur badha tu
Raula pai jaan de..

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